September 20, 2014

Spend a Minute with Me on Saturday

Day 6 in the 'week in the life' through photos: Saturday

Saturdays are usually my favorite.  Sleeping in.  Lots of time with the bear, which is what I'm longing for by the end of a busy week of school.  Started the morning with lots of cuddles from my bear in bed while hubby prepped the waffle batter.... then it was off to the kitchen with my little sioux chef.
The kid loves waffles, and he loves making them.  I let him open and close the thing and flip it over too.  He thinks it's the coolest thing ever.  I decided to whip up some fresh raspberry compote for it and hubby had a pot of coffee ready.  Best. Breakfast.  And sharing it with this cutie was the best part.

After this O wanted to show me how fast he can go on his bike, then I offered to video him (he loves watching videos of himself on my phone).  This lasted a good 20 minutes, but I'll spare you and only post the 20 second video ;)
Then he decided to join me under the blanket for some book time.
It was so cute, by the time we were on the 2nd book he had also brought Curious George out to listen to the stories, and when I snuggled us all under the blanket O said, "Family cuddle time" real quietly to himself.  Be. Still. My. Heart.
After reading Eeyore three times, his buldozer book twice, and his little monster book, he decided he was done.  So we set to work making playdough.  A big batch for papa's class and a little batch for the bear.  He was quite excited to help and he did all the dumping and mixing before we cooked it!
Before.... and after!  I really love this recipe - it turns out better than actual Play-Doh in my opinion!

Of course we had to play with it as soon as it cooled off.  We set out to make a house.  
O was great at rolling the logs, and when we had some pieces left over I showed him how we could make a chimney, and then some trees to go around the house.  He requested a picture of the whole set up - trees and bushes and all after it was done:
After play dough and lunch (killing time waiting for papa to get home from his meeting before going down for nap) he got out his aquadoodle.
"I really really like this toy mama. Because I like it."  Okay then.
I was actually quite impressed with how well he was drawing.  He was connecting large lines and shapes together and making things that actually resembled... things!  At one point he drew sort of a loose, rounded triangle and put a circle inside.  "What is it mama?" he asked. "It looks like a rocket ship!" I replied!  "Yea!!" he said.  "And this is the drivers window... and I need a... a... sit window."  "A passenger window?" I asked.  "Yea!! I need a passenger window. And fire."

I managed to catch a video of him working on his last one... it's really quiet but if you listen closely you can hear him adding the 'passenger window's to each of his three rockets and 'fire' to one of them.
After papa got home and naptime ensued... I snagged a tiny bowl of leftover soup for lunch in attempt to warm my bones.
It has been seriously unseasonably cold here in Moshi.  I am not complaining!! I am just stating facts.  I love the colder weather.  I love snuggling under blankets and wearing hoodies.  I just wish I would have brought slippers.  These concrete floors are ice on my feet!  Even with socks!

After lunch hubby & I snuggled for warmth under the blanket and watched a couple of shows... then O woke up from nap and it was snack time, then play time, then time to head to this sweet girl's birthday party.

Promise is one of O's best buds, he loves her to pieces and was so excited to pick out her present all by himself (he chose a yellow ball, it is one of those plastic blow up balls, but it's painted to look like a soccer pall).  In fact, when she unwrapped it he told Brandon & Melissa, "I just thought yellow would be a good co-yer for her."  Love that boy.

After her party it was time to come home and put the boy to bed... and time for us to finish the show we started this afternoon when he woke up early from his nap :)

See you tomorrow for the last "week in the life" through photos post!