January 03, 2017

On Moving

Who doesn't love it?
The boxes. The packing. The UNpacking. 
The boxes. My goodness the boxes.

Wait. You mean you don't sit next to your beau unpacking with a huge smile on your face whilst in your chinos and white t-shirt?

Sorry. I got carried away.

On Monday we get to move. Again.
On Monday we'll be moving into our 7th host home. Seven hosts in seven months of furlough. If anyone would have told me this before we planned this furlough I would have thrown the nearest thing within my reach at their head.

God is { Not } in Control

When Hurricane Matthew blew through the east coast, and even touched us a bit here inland, our son started asking lots of questions.
"Why did God send the horicane?" (he calls them hor-i-canes and I just. can't. correct him!)
"Why did all those people in Haiti die?"
"Will the horicane come here in Charlotte?"
Hurricanes aren't really something you hear about in Tanzania, so it was a very real and scary thing for him to see some of the footage being shown of what was happening. But it opened up such a great opportunity to teach our {not so} little 5 year old about the nature of God. One of those things being:

God is not in control.