September 04, 2014

{Random} Conversations with our 3 year old Missionary Kid

O: Today in cyass (class) I told Miss. Me-yinda 'acha' {putting his hand forward like a stop sign}  I tode her 'acha' means stop.
Me: You did?  Why'd you tell her that?
O: Because the other boy wasn't making good choices. And he didn't know English.

O: Foos (who's) gonna yive (live) in Miss Vickie's house when she's gone?
Me: No one, she's gonna lock it all up.  She'll be back in a few months.
O: Momma!  How's she EVER gonna get back IN?!

Me: She has keys honey.
O:  Oh.

O: Today in cyass (class) Izzy said ' hand your self!'
Me: She did?
O: Yea!  And I was funny at that!  The whole cyass was funny at that! {laughing} 'hand your self!' {laughing more}
Me: Was it funny that she made you all laugh?
O: Yea! {still laughing}

O: Momma?
Me: Yea?
O: Foos (who's) your mom?
Me: Who's my mom? What do you mean?  Gramma's my mom.
O: But now we're in Tanzania.  Foos your mom in Tanzania?
Me: Oh, sweetie, Gramma's my mom no matter where we are.  Just like I'm your momma no matter where we go.
O: Ohhhhh.

O:  Mama, are we gonna be in Tanzania aaalllll day?
Me: Yea baby, we live here, we'll be here a long time.
O: When we go back to Char-yette, can we go at Kyle & Nina's house? Because I miss them a yot.
Me: Sure honey, I think we could go there.
// that one there ^ happens nearly every day //

Love this kid to pieces and love watching him grow each day in understanding of our lives as missionaries, and just watching his vocabulary and sentence structure get more complex every day.  Also, I love the way he uses Y for L in the middle of a word and says "foos" for who's.  But alas, I'm pretty sure I'm completely baised about all the cuteness :)