Get Involved!

Want to come to Africa without leaving home?  There are lots of ways to help!

- Pray!!
  We are under constant attack from an enemy that does not want us to be moving mountains in God's name!  Please be in prayer for our families & friends back in the States, our health, safety, wisdom and overall favor.

- Join our monthly support team!
   We are missionaries that live on faith, solely supported by those who choose to donate!  All donations can be given safely and securely through our church or through Global Effect and are tax deductible! Monthly donations are our lifeline!  They insure that we can pay our bills and give above and beyond to the community.  EVERY little bit helps! Even if it's $5 a month - 
For example, our family of three can live off only $60 a week for groceries!

- Give a one-time donation!

    Any amount, even one dollar helps!  You'd be surprised how far just a little can go in a third-world country! For example, we need to repair and re-paint a wall that's had some water damage - for only $40 we could complete this project!

- Talk about us behind our backs!
   The more people that are aware of the needs in Tanzania, the better!  Tell everyone you know, share our blog, get people to sign up for the e-newsletter.  Create a ripple effect by spreading the word about God moving in Moshi!

- Send a care package!
   There are some things you just can't get here, and it sure is nice to get mail!  See below for a list of helpful items.  Please keep in mind that the smaller the package the cheaper it will be, and don't pay to expedite shipping - once it leaves the States it will go slower than molasses in January... regardless of how much you've paid!  We have noticed that packages with insurance arrive much sooner than those without.  Sending a flexible padded envelope is even better than a box!  When filling out customs forms, it's best to put 'garage sale' prices (a t-shirt you bought for $12 would only be worth $2 at a garage sale) so we don't have to pay a lot of customs fees on our end.
    ~Care Package Info~ 
Address:   Global Effect, ℅ Amanda Batterson
                  PO BOX 7640
                  Moshi, Tanzania           (no, there's no zip code!)
Can you tell we like getting packages?? :)

Items appreciated: 
Semi-sweet chocolate chips
Post-it notes
Pretty much any goody from Trader Joe's
Epsom salts
Coconut oil
Essential oils - doTerra 

Solar lights (inflatable- Luci Light)
Norwex Laundry Soap
Nice pens/markers/sharpies
   -TV Shows: Parks & Rec, Seinfield, MASH, Friends,  
  -Owen likes Little Einstiens, Fresh Beat Band, Mickey Mouse Clubhouse

We also have 'wish lists' on Amazon - one for O ("Owen's Wish List") and one for us ("General Stuff to Get/Want to Get") if you want more ideas!

… but really just getting MAIL is exciting so - any other goodies you think we might enjoy would be great!  

- Host a fundraiser!
   Spreading the word about what God is doing through us in Moshi is invaluable to us!  Host a fundraiser - Pampered Cheff, Thirty One, and companies like that will often do fundraisers.  Host a 5K with all the proceeds going toward what we're doing here.  Use your talents to raise money by selling crafts you make, babysitting, mowing lawns, shoveling sidewalks, raking leaves, etc.  Have a bake sale, garage sale, car wash, a penny war… there are SO many possibilities!  If you ever need images for marketing/advertising let us know and we can email you some files!

- Catch us on the flip side!
   When we come home for furlough we will still be living solely off donations, seeking to raise more awareness while we're back and more funds to cary us into the next year.  If you know anyone that would like to hear more about what we're doing, we'd love to set up a date to get together!  It can be a family/individual, small group, Bible study, church - anyone!  We'd love to share our hearts! We also need housing, a car seat and a car to drive while we're in town - if you know anyone that could help us with these things it would be great!

- Come on over!

   Moshi is a great place to visit!  Seriously though, if you're interested in checking Africa out - Karibu! (you are welcome!)  We have a guest room, and a one-bedroom apartment available for friends/family, and friends of ours right down the street can accommodate teams. It can be whatever kind of trip you want it to be - vacation or missions.  There are a ton of amazing things happening here from children's outreaches, women's ministries, youth, the list goes on and on.  We also know the owners of several safari companies if you wanted to add that to your trip!

"Not that I am looking for handouts, but I do want you to experience the blessing that issues from generosity."  
Philippians 4:17 (The Message)