September 22, 2014

Just One More... Minute

The final 'week in the life' post through photos  - Sunday

Sunday morning started very much like Saturday: a smattering of sleep-in cuddles, then a request by the bear for more waffles.
He mixed, I poured, he flipped the griddle.  The kid loves waffles.

After a tasty breakfast we headed to church.
I promise I didn't stage this.  I was literally just trying my darndest to take a photo without anyone noticing :)

After church it was time for lunch, so we stopped at a local eatery for some chinese and pizza.  Because here, you can get both from the same place. While we were waiting, our (somewhat impatient) little one occupied his time by scratching off our phone and internet vouchers.
I absolutely love only paying $6.25 a month for 400 minutes, 700 texts and 1GB of data on my iPhone.
On the way home from lunch we stopped at Rosies stand for some bananas.  Owen wanted to be the one to hand her the money so I told him he had to ask for the bananas in Swahili.  He said, "Ndizi kubwa tano. Kesho!"  (bananas big five tomorrow) Such a big boy - and not far off from the proper way of asking for five large bananas for tomorrow.
 Rosie adores Owen and was happy to hand over the bananas, and the change.   He was beaming with pride from his accomplishment.  //side note, kinda// We've been hearing O talk a lot of jibberish lately, almost like baby talk.  Which is completely unlike him - we never even talked baby talk to him as an infant, we always used real words.  Today at school I asked him why he keeps talking like that, and I asked if it was because he was trying to talk in Swahili and he said yes.  This year in his class there are a lot more Swahili speakers, and I think he's just trying to catch up and fit in with them.  Sweet kid.  I told him it's not just making up words though, and that if he wants to learn actual Swahili words he can just ask and we can teach him some more.  He seemed okay with that, and (as if on cue) Peter (a Kenyan teacher) walked in and said good morning to him and taught him the Swahili word for 'sun' because there was a picture of one on the board. :) //end of side note//

Then it was time for nap.... to which I also partook.  Pretty sure that's not a word but I'm okay with it.  I was exhausted for some reason, and slept for a solid two hours.
When O came in and woke me up at 4:30 it was time to get dinner ready.  On the menu: Chicken quesadillas.
Wow.  I had no idea this was so blurry until just posting it.  Sorry about that.
After boiling Joe (the chicken) for an hour or so, and de-boning all the meat, I started chopping the veggies and shredding the cheese, while the bones simmered away a little bit longer for the stock.   Oh.  And I would like the world to know how much I hate raw, whole chickens.  Whenever we get one Bill has the job of rinsing it and getting rid of the parts we don't need - like the neck.  He made the fatal mistake of hanging the neck up and showing me this afternoon.  And after I threw up in my mouth a little I gave him a look that said I was punching him in the throat.  G.R.O.S.S.
After ALL that work to get the chicken for our quesadillas, I realized we only had three tortillas.  So we each had 3/4 of a quesadilla and a few apple slices.  Improvised.

Oh, and also, chicken stock for daaaayyyyysssss....
Looking forward to making some yummy soup this week, and am freezing the rest for another day.

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Happy Sunday!  Monday!