April 10, 2014

Going to the Chapel and We're….

{almost} invited to a Tanzanian wedding.
Let me back up.

My friend and colleague, Holly, and I made a trip to the post office the other day.  I had a slip saying a package was here (YAY!) and she had some cards to post.  Our buddy Mike was working, as usual and we said our 'mambo's and 'poi's then he was off to get things taken care of.  Meanwhile Mr. Shine - the branch manager, and another pal of ours, walked by waving.
"OH!  You two, I have something special for you!  Take care of this then I will get it for you."
"Okay, we're finished," Holly replied.
Mr. Shine walks us over to the customs counter and hands us over two white envelopes.  Pulling out what appears to be a wedding invitation.
"Mike is getting married!" he says.
"AHhhhHHh! MIiiiikkkeeee!"  We exclaim, "Congratulations!!"
"When are you getting married?" we ask.
"May 31" he replies, sheepishly grinning.
"Here, these for you. Write your name here," Mr. Shine instructs us.  So Holly writes our names on the envelopes, then Mr. Shine copies them onto the actual invitation. Then he points out the location of the wedding, as listed on the invite and tells us we should come. "I'm the coordinator for the wedding," he says.
"Oh we will come! It will be so fun," we say.  We naive wazungus.

April 07, 2014

"Hey God"

Upon realizing I wasn't feeling well at all, our two year old, sitting beside me on the bed, looks at his papa and asks, "Papa, can you pray for momma cause she doesn't feel very good."
"Of course," he replies, "do you want to pray too?"
"Yea. I hold this hand so you can hold the other one."

April 05, 2014

Saturdays {sometimes} Look Like


Relaxing for an episode of Curious George while Momma makes breakfast.
With his Curious George friend, of course.