June 18, 2014

Pen + Prayer

I've believed in the power of prayer for most of my adult life, but it's only recently that I'm realizing the power that can be released when a pen is added to the equation.
Let me back up...    

When we learned we had to leave our home in Tanzania earlier than originally expected, I resolved (in my head) to write down a list of 'needs' and a list of 'wants' - goals for our trip that we'd pray over.  Well, one thing after another kept happening, and between traveling, jet lag, moving houses only a couple days after landing, the surgery/procedures, it got a little crazy.  It seemed every spare 'adult' moment we had we spent

June 08, 2014

Some Random Things

I still (after being here nearly a month) can't get over how:
The food (in stores) is more expensive and in much smaller packages than it was when we left, but the (majority) of people (in stores) are still getting larger. Hm.

I love the way Owen says, "Foo's" for "Who's"

When Owen was a baby he used to purse his lips together and blow a raspberry whenever he got hurt. Now, he calmly says, "hurt, Hurt, HURT, HURRRRT" in a progressively louder voice until it reflects the amount of pain he's in. He rarely cries, unless he's been embarrassed or is really, really hurt.

I miss not having to worry about ingredients in food.

June 02, 2014

Our Son Loves McDonalad's

Yes, you read that correctly.  Today we took our three year old to McDonald's for the first time.  Ever.  He loved it.  What kid wouldn't, right?
He climbed, he played, he slid down the slide, he bounced in the little sphere thing, and about ten minutes later came out, walked over to us and said:
"Hey! Momma!  I think there's a restaurant here, did you know that?!"