October 20, 2014

Speaking of Babies...

Sometimes I just wanna throw myself on my bed and cry like one.  Like yesterday.  And yesterday I figured I would want to today as well, just knowing what was ahead.

October 10, 2014

On Pregnancy

This is not, I repeat, this is NOT an announcement. 
Just so we're clear.

A good handful of the missionaries here have been 'drinking the water' and been with child lately.  Owen's friends Yael and Samuel have been away in Germany while their mom had a new baby brother, his friends Jillian & Acacia just left with their mom to go back to the states and have a new baby, and his good friend Promise will be leaving next week so her mom can give birth to her baby brother.  Naturally, this has been a topic of conversation lately.  And as usual, his conversations are quite interesting so I wanted to take a minute to record them for your viewing pleasure :)

About two weeks ago, while he was on the toilet. "Mama?  Do you have a baby in your beh-yee?"