September 19, 2014

Walk a Minute with Me // Friday

Day 5 in my 'week-in-the-life' through photos series.

Started out my morning at school gettin' friendly with this guy.
I'm so thankful we have it.  It's the only one we have, and it (of course) only works when the power on, but I'm so thankful for it.  Last year a couple times, but one time in particular, it was out for repairs on a friday.  I had to hand-write all my tests on the chalkboards for my class.  In elementary, that wouldn't be bad.  But it was Jr. High science.  Took me

Walked back into my room to see this:
This kid.  Such a smartie.  And pretty darn adorable too.

Got to work on some planning while Air Jordan there worked on his dunking skills.
I love my planner.  Searched high and low for it while in the states - who knew teacher planners (like actual teaching ones) were so flippin expensive?!  Like $30 and more for one!  So I opted for a typical planner, but I have a very specific way I like to write out my plans so I had to find one that had Monday - Sunday going across the pages, rather than down or in a boxy calendar format.  Found this at Target like two days before our departure.

Fridays are Homework Due Days.  I try to not micromanage my kids.  I give them their assignments all at once and say, turn them in on Friday.  They know each week they have 3 spelling activities, 3 vocab activities and a reading log due on Friday for me.  But man was a spoiled last year with only 3 sets of homework to grade.  Now I have nearly 30.  o.O
And those are just the homework books.  Fridays are also test days.  Spelling tests for sure every week, and sometimes vocab and/or grammar tests too.  Whew.  Makes me think back to my days teaching public school in the states with 26 kids.

Took O home for nap after lunch...
Annnnnddd... this is me also choosing a nap. It's been a long week.

After we got up from our naps we ran back to school to pick up the teachers, then it was home and time to start dinner.
Burgers, chips and green beans with balsamic and parmesean (and pizza leftovers for O since he doesn't like burgers).
It was delish, and easy.  Which made it even better.

We spent the evening taking care of laundry, cleaning the kitchen, sweeping the house and playing with O.  And now I sit here, in pants and a blanket still cold and contemplating hot chocolate before I start a movie with my love...

...Until tomorrow! :)