September 17, 2014

Worship a Minute with Me

Day three of my 'week in the life' photo posts: Wednesday.
Wore this maxi again today.  Ordered it off b/c of the color, without realizing how incredibly thick the cotton is.  Love it, but it typically is just. too. hot. to wear it here.  I think I only wore it once all of last year.  But this year it's been uncanny amounts of cold, I think it's the 3rd or 4th time I've worn it - today with a jacket!

I take an odd sense of joy watching my homeroom kids complete the team building challenges I give them. Muahahaha...
For this one they all had to balance on the curb, then I had them pick a number between 1 and 20, then told them to put themselves in numerical order without falling off the curb or touching anything but each other and the curb.  If anyone fell or touched the grass/concrete they had to start over in original positions.  This was a fun one.  Restarts: I lost count - maybe a dozen? Completion time: 25 minutes.  Muahahaha.  
Wednesday is Chapel day at school.  One of my favorite times of the week - I just loving watching kids worship... especially my kid. :)  We have some guests from the States and they brought these ribbon flag things for the kids to worship with today - the girls really enjoyed it. 
Every day at 10:00am we have a break for snack.  It's always warm porridge of some sort (ugi or oatmeal) and a side item. Today was my favorite - oatmeal and bananas.  I like to mix mine.

I got to take this stud home for his nap after lunch.  He is SO super attached lately, has to hold my hand everywhere we go.  I don't mind one bit. :)
On the way home we stopped at the Petrol station to fill up.  (The stations here are all full-service, so we just sit in the car and wait) The dada's LOVE Owen... I mean, at one point there were three of them practically hanging halfway into the car through the window talking to him and playing with his cheeks. 
A friend just gave us a bunch of new (used, but new to us) books and Owen discovered the Curious George Plays Baseball one today.  He was pretty excited about nap time. 
(Yes, my toddler still has a paci, but it's only for sleeping.  Don't judge, we've been going through a lot of transition and we're not ready to part with one of his 'constants' yet.)

After he was down I washed then dried our veggies.  What?  You don't use your dish rack to dry your veggies?  

Then I made a really, super awesome batch of never-before-made creamy vegetable soup.  And forgot to take a picture.  So just pretend you see it right down here:


Wednesday nights are potluck/worship nights in the community and I got to hang out with this super sweet girl tonight. 
Love it when these guys lead worship.  They really enter into (and bring) the Presence and are so passionate about worship. 

That was my Wednesday in a nutshell.

{side note: I'm really enjoying this challenge I've given myself.  It's really forced me to slow down and enjoy the little moments of every day.  At first I thought taking pictures of everything was a pain, but it's making me stop and think about all the little moments that I want to hang onto forever and forcing me to be present.  And I like that. } 

See you Thursday!