March 30, 2010

In My Head

I need new pants.   My nose is cold.  I need to go to Target tomorrow before my coupons expire.  I should have got that chicken from Teeter.  I'm so excited for Ghana.  I need to mail my passport stuff tomorrow.  I'm glad this month's payday falls on a Wednesday.   What fragrance does J like?  Where can I get some cool toys for little boys?  I need to finish my painting.  I need to get paint for the bathroom wall.  I need to get started painting the bathroom wall.  Should I try to tackle the wallpaper in the bedroom?  I think I'll do it spring break.  I bet Amy would help.  This show's hilarious.  I need to fix the grass, I hate weeds.  Why can't I stop thinking about our impending house guests?  I hope I do things right to make them feel at home.  I'm so excited to see them, hear their story, spend time with them, be hospitable to them.  Pastor Troy cracks me up.  "Couponing for Liberty Offering."  He's a genius.  I should get started putting that stuff together.  When am I gonna do it?  Will people come?  Be excited?  Actually do it?  We're gonna kick butt in that offering this year.  I need to pray about that.  I need to read my Bible.  Oh, I still need to type up the questions for Life Group.  Looking forward to hanging with T tomorrow.  I won't let her become what P became - a disappointment.  I love my kitties.  They make me smile.  When are we going to get pregnant?  We thought we had it planned out.  Should we go early or late?  What am I doing Friday?  I love watching J on Sundays.  He's probably my favorite.  I'm so glad we've gotten closer with A & R, I hope we get closer, they're such good people.  It's crazy how much we have in common.  Bill says I should get a DSLR for my birthday.  I don't think he knows how much they cost.  Crazy boy, so good to me.  So selfless.  The best husband ever. Ohmygosh, I had so much fun photographing that family on Saturday.  I'm really pleased with the pictures.  The sun was a little bright and my camera didn't compensate the way I wished it could, but they turned out pretty good nonetheless.  Bill said if photography could pay as much as teaching he'd be behind me all the way.  Man I love him.  So sweet.  Always thinking of me.  Oh man, this part is SO funny.  HA!  

Okay, I'm gonna go and finish watching the office. Please return all tray-tables and chair backs to their full and upright position and enjoy your descent back to earth, thank you for visiting my brain today.     :)

March 19, 2010

Sweet Dreams Are Made of These...

Who am I to disagree? ... how many of you remember that oldie? Ha ha!
In all seriousness, I had a dream a couple days ago - and it truly was sweet - and I certainly can't disagree because I know it was God speaking to me through that dream.

The perspective: I was me (I wasn't floating and seeing everything from 3rd person).
The Dream: All I could see were my feet in the sand and then I saw little black feet run up to me and so I knelt down and know I was seeing the top of my left knee and my right foot in the sand. The little black feet were running around me, there were two pairs of them. Then little black hands on my knee and climbing on me. I couldn't see any faces, I remember really focusing on the hands and feet. Then I felt arms go around my neck and we were all laughing and having fun and just loving on each other.
What the dream means: Sunday night we had some friends over for dinner (husband, wife, 2 'tweenage' kids), just for fun. While we were eating the husband mentioned he'd be going on a mission trip in July. In the past, we'd told the family to let us know if they were going to go on any (they go at least once a year) because we love missions (and always have), so we were excited to hear about this trip. We knew right away Bill wouldn't be able to go, because his company blacks out the first week in July - no one can take it off for any reason. But I was definitely interested and wanted to go. As we were saying goodbye, I told the family that I'd pray about it, because I didn't just want to go on the trip because I wanted to go. If I went on the trip I wanted it to be because God wanted me to go. Then Bill said, "I think you're gonna go." Then the husband said, "Yea, I think so too," and he got goosebumps. That night while I was laying in bed I prayed for clarity and wisdom. I prayed for God to clearly show me if he wanted me to go on this trip or not. Monday, I couldn't stop thinking about it. I kept going back and forth in my head with my decision. Monday night, I prayed again for a clear sign on whether or not I should go. When I woke up in the morning, I had the clearest recollection of the dream. It was such a beautiful, sweet dream, and I knew, I just knew that God was speaking to me. Telling me to step out, to be His hands and feet and that He would meet me there.

So that's it. I'm going to Ghana, Africa. And I couldn't be more excited or happy to be in the will of God!

Stay tuned for details about my trip!!

March 12, 2010

hair cuts and beaches

So Bill & I were sitting at a local hair cutting shop waiting for him to get his hair cut. I was flipping through a magazine and he had his hand on my knee and we were casually listening to some parents commenting on their children getting their haircut. When all of a sudden, I came across a picture in the magazine that made me do one of those quick intakes-of-breath and then slow, longing, sighs. The picture was very similar to this one, but the scene was this beautiful beach with a really neat wooden pier and the sun shining brightly. I think it was an advertisement for some destination.
So Bill says, "Aw, you wanna go to the beach honey?" And I reply, "No, I want the camera." And then we just look at each other and laugh.
Moments like that are so funny!
(And I'm truly jonesin' for a dslr - more than the beach! And for those of you that know me, you know I LOVE the beach. )

March 01, 2010

Not Me Monday!

Feeling guilty for eating chocolate teddy grahams, even though you're a grown adult? Or is the shame coming from the fact that you ate them in bed, in your pajamas and there they still sit on your nightstand? Well, I would NEVER do such a thing, and I'm sure you wouldn't either, but sometimes these things do happen and it's slightly theraputic to get it out - so join in the fun!

Here goes:

I most certainly have no signs of ADD and would never stop my husband mid-sentence in the middle of Target and say, "Teddy Grahams for a dollar!" and start briskly walking toward them, eying the patrons around me to be sure they didn't grab the last box of the chocolate ones. Only to turn around and see my husband holding a box of Wheatables asking, "Do you want the reduced fat kind or regular?" I'd never do that. We eat healthy, we snack healthy, and plus, Teddy Grahams are for kids - of which we have none. "Just grab the regular ones, honey."

I definitely did not wander around the Juniors section at Kohls the other day in hopes of finding something cute... only to walk over to the women's section in silent defeat that I just can't wear that stuff anymore.

I would never, ever stop at Wendy's for a frosty and fries while running errands on a Sunday afternoon. I would never consider that to be my lunch and I would not ever go while my husband was still breaking down the church because he loves Wendy's.. well he would if we ate there, but we don't eat there because we're being healthy.

I wouldn't be so ridiculous as to make a u-turn and head to Ikea just for a bottle brush, because I couldn't find one for the life of me at Super Target. There's no way I'd go to Ikea just for a stinkin' bottle brush. And there's no way I'd walk out of there with my stomach full of chicken fingers, over 100 candles and pot holders, plus our .99 bottle brush. And I definitely wouldn't blog about it - all the while realizing I should have looked in the baby section.

So what outsanding things have you, ahem, not done lately? Join in the fun! Hop on over to McMamma's blog to get the "Not me Monday" button!