September 16, 2014

Walk A Minute with Me // Tuesday

Started off the morning tying my homeroom in knots.  We played the human knot game, good team building time. 

Then I taught seven 2nd/3rd grade boys how to be writers, and how to share stories with a writing partner.  They did surprisingly well!
My 4th/5th grade L.A. class went by so quickly I never snapped a pic.  After that, during the break I got ready for my Jr. High language arts class. 
After Jr. High L.A. class it was time for lunch.  Chips Beef na french beans was on the menu today. 
After lunch I prepped for my art classes.  Teaching the big kids how to make lanyards. // 90's flashback//

Also taught a grown man how to make a lanyard, per his request.  :) 

After school we needed to go to town for groceries.  First, Babu Aleems for pantry items, then Abba's Bread shoppe for (you guessed it) and also Babu Bread gave Owen a snack on the house because he hadn't seen him since we left for America.  Then on to Deo's Market Shop for produce.
And finally - dinner.  Street meat from the Tahj Mahal. Where the waiters wear Starbucks aprons, the chicken is cooked over coals on a wire resembling an old hanger (though it's not, don't worry) and the Zanzibar pizza always comes out with crispy edges.  YUM-O.
Then this sweet boy who refused to nap at school today was doing the falling-asleep-sitting-up-head-bob as we pulled into the driveway. 
Then we opted for an indoor picnic because said over-tired bear was absolutely in a fit that we couldn't eat at the restaurant because the tables were all filled.  
Then I propped this little guy on my shoulders/neck and got to work on budgeting.  This cute little lion is the best. thing. ever. for living in TZ.  A hot water bottle sits inside (you know, the old fashioned rubber kind).  (Megs, have I mentioned how much I love you lately?  I DO! Thanks for leaving this little guy behind for us!)  Perfect for this stiff neck I've had the past three days. 
And now... I finish this post... a mere hour and four minutes after I started it.  Not because I got side tracked... but because that's how amazing our internet is.  This is work folks.  But I'm thankful nonetheless.  Not sure how missionaries survived before the world wide webs.  

Until next time.... tutaonana kesho!