January 20, 2014

When I No Longer Live in Africa...

… I want to remember these moments… I'll probably look back at this and smile, but for right now, TIA is my motto.  (This Is Africa)

So here it goes:

January 09, 2014

US. {As in the three of us. Not the United States.}

As I lay on our not-quite-soft bed in our new-to-us home last night, trying to think of a blog to write, I came up short.  I know I haven't written in far too long, and I felt the need to come back with a…..

A post that was amazing and stirred the hearts of whoever out there reads it.  But. We haven't done much 'ministry' the past few weeks.  Our lives have been consumed with… us.  Who wants to read a blog from some missionaries that haven't done anything worthy enough to call ministry?