October 13, 2012

My Little Poser

In jr. high and high school I remember it was bad to be called a 'poser'.  I guess that word is kind of 'out' these days, so it's okay if I call my toddler a poser, right?
Lately whenever he sees me get out my DSLR he wants me to take his picture.  The other morning he had on some hand-me-down pj's that were just too cute to not capture, so I asked him, "Can momma take your picture?" and this is what he did - no prompting, no nothing, he just did this all on his own:
 Then he said, "no-er one?" (another one) and did this:
And then he decided he wanted to take his socks off and give them to me.

Today when I was getting my camera ready for a photo shoot he saw me and started saying "dah- dah- dah"  We haven't quite figured out what that means yet, but he says it when he is either giving you something or when he wants something, so we think it might mean 'there'.  Anyway, I asked him, "You want me to take your picture?" and he said "mmm HMMM" really high-pitched as usual.  So I said, "Okay, where do you want me to do it?" and he promptly did this:
And then said, "no-er one?" and did this:

That silly boy.  I love him to pieces.