October 30, 2011

It's the Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown

Alternately titled: The Photo Session in Which We Learn Owen is Scared of Pumpkins (and so we have no actual pictures of him with pumpkins)

Yup.  I'm pretty sure he is anyway.  We headed to a local farm/pumpkin patch for a super quick family session just before Owen's 6 month birthday.  A good friend of ours ever-so-kindly offered to come and snag my camera from me so we could get some family shots... here are some of my favorites:
This is my absolute favorite shot!


It was all fun and games until I tried putting Owen in a big wooden wagon filled with little mini pumpkins and gourds.  His hands went up and he started shaking his fists and wrinkling his nose and squealing a little bit. Kind of like the picture below (which was taken on his actual 6mo. bday, after I set him in the grass barefoot for the first time)
He did the same thing when we tried sitting him next to a regular sized pumpkin... not sure why - I mean, his room has a huge orange wall, so it's not like he's scared of orange.  And we have a huge orange cat that he cracks up laughing at.  At any rate, maybe next year he'll like pumpkins.  For now, though, we'll settle for a wagon ride or two and a corn maze :)
 I love that she captured him laughing in these shots!

Oh - I almost forgot 'til I saw this shot - he was looking at one of those big, huge blow-up pumpkins here.  Obviously not as scared as he was about the real pumpkins.  Even though it had a ghost popping in and out of it.

October 28, 2011

The Matrix

Owen was auditioning for the newest Matrix movie the other day.

We're waiting on callbacks.

*And this is what happens when he stops fighting sleep.

October 24, 2011

A Couple of Tra-La-La's

"Snip-snip here...

Snip-snip there...

and a couple of Tra-La-La's....

Name that musical! :)

Owen's first haircut happened October 20th on a whim while we were at a friend's house.  We had just given him a bath and I had been meaning to get to trimming the back of his hair for a while, so we finally just grabbed some scissors and did it!  Bill held onto him and I snipped away!  It was quite a challenge because he kept trying to turn his head to look at me... but we made it out alive with no blood, sweat or tears... okay maybe I had one tear.  I mean, he's not even 6 months old!  :)  Unfortunately the only camera I had was my craptacular phone camera... so sorry about the crappy images.  We kept the trimmings in his memory box though and we'll always remember his first haircut! 
It's about time for his 2nd one too... the front needs to be done, but I'm way to nervous to get that close to his eyes with the way he moves around!

October 20, 2011

3 Seconds

I keep meaning to blog about these things and I keep forgetting... so now that I have three seconds to blog real quick here it goes:

Owen's new favorite game is Peek-A-Boo.  We tried it the other night (okay, really it was like two weeks ago) when he was sitting in the middle of our bed... I crouched down so he couldn't see me by the foot of the bed (our bed is really high, like up to my hips) and I popped up and said, "peeeeeeek".  And he gave me this big open-mouthed grin.  Then I hid again, crawled around to the side, and did it again and he let out an all-out-open-mouthed-grinning-belly-laugh.  He loves it!  We don't really do the cover-your-eyes-kind-of-peek-a-boo thing, we do the hide-behind-the-door-or-around-the-corner type and he loves it.  In fact, the other day (really, it was just the other day) O and I were waking up and I sat him up on the bed while I was still laying next to him (Bill had already left for work) and he was looking all around the bed trying to see over the edge waiting for Papa to peek out.  It was so cute!

Also he's been really working on his B and P sounds lately... sometimes he gets so excited about it he purses his lips together really tight and blows and a mountain of bubbles will come out. 

Ummm... I think that's about it.  He'll be getting his first haircut soon... it's getting pretty shaggy :)  I will probably only do the back though because 1) I'm scared enough just trying to trim his mullet off the back and 2) I kind of like the way his hair is long and sweepy in the front. :) 
And what's a post without a picture or three?

October 11, 2011


Owen tried out his first playground swing last week on Friday (10/7/11) night!  We were talking our nightly walk around the neighborhood and let him give it a go.  I'll let you be the judge on if he liked it or not:



October 05, 2011

I Am Not A Circus Monkey.

I do
a few
new tricks
I like to show off.

like roling over from back to belly.
and also like
sitting up
all by myself.
because I'm a big boy.
And I do love applause and praise.
But I'm not a circus monkey.

*Owen has been a rolling machine!  He is constantly rolling from his back to his belly... but he seems to have forgotten how to roll from his belly to his back (even though that was the first way he learned to roll... over two months ago!).  He hangs out on his tummy until he's tired of it then he fusses until we turn him back over.  He's also done amazing at sitting up all on his own.  I've seen him sit up all by himself on the floor for up to 10 minutes!  He falls over occasionally but it doesn't get him down, he's a tough guy. :)
Also, for the record, he's got two bottom teeth in now - haven't been able to snap a pic of them yet though, his tongue always comes out when I try!

October 02, 2011

"I'll Pack Your Angry Eyes, Just In Case."

This is Owen's new 'angry' face.  He makes it if he's frustrated or angry.  It comes complete with huffing and puffing really fast through his nose. 
If he's really frustrated

He purses his lips together really tight and blows - creating a spit-bubble ball that runs down his chin. 

It's probably the funniest thing I've ever seen.  And it's so hard not to laugh when he does it. :)

*sorry about the blurriness - he was moving a lot and it was low-lighting, but I had to catch this on camera!