June 13, 2010

Waking Up Twice

I had a dream last night about Ghana.  It was weird.  Up until this dream or this part of the dream, I was dreaming, but it was normal dreams, nothing extremely weird or out of the ordinary.  The whole night I was dreaming my husband was with me in them.  And then this part happened:
We were in a dark building of some sort, sitting at a bar-height table and someone was sketching our portrait.  We didn't want her to be doing it but she said she had to before we could leave, through the double doors that were right in front of us.  So we waited for her to finish, left the sketch on the table and walked out the door into the sunlight, and into a parking lot, not huge, with thick trees surrounding it.  I realized I didn't have my shoes on so I went back in and grabbed my flip flops and we walked back out.  To the left there were cars parked.  To the right was a lake with a few people scattered around the edge here and there.  It was Lake Volta. (Okay, so I don't know if it really was Lake Volta, because I've never been there, but that's what it was in my dream.)  We walked across the parking lot, hand in hand, about 15 yards until we reached the grass.  The lake, at this part, was shaped kind of like a speech bubble in a comic.  To the left was a narrow area, where you could easily see across, and probably hop across the grassy area into the forrested area.  There wasn't a 'beach' at this lake.  It was just grassy up until the lake.  As we moved farther to the right the lake opened up and got really big, to where you almost couldn't see the other side.  You still could see the treeline though.  At this point the grass gave way to lots of rocks and pebbles before colliding with the lake.
The lake was really still, and very dark.  Almost black.  The minute we stepped off of the parking lot and onto the grass surrounding the lake I felt a very heavy feeling on my spirit and heart.  A very oppressive feeling.  We walked until we were away from a couple of the families (who were white, which I find interesting... )  We found a metal bench near the edge of the grass, where the rocky part started and sat down.  I was sitting perched on the edge of the bench between my husband's legs and he had his hands on my hips.  I turned a little so I could see him and asked, "Do you feel that?"  He said, "Yea, that weird, heavy feeling on your spirit?  I got that too."  "Yea," I replied, "it's weird."  Then he asked, "So how can I pray with you before you leave?"  I replied, "Pray for the lake, and for healing in my back."  (I've been having issues with my back lately, in real-life.  I used to go to a chiropractor about a year ago, but I had to stop going due to finances and ever since I can feel my back getting less and less aligned - anyway..)  So he started praying, first for my back and then for .... I don't know what because he was praying in tongues!!  The emotion and the peace that overcame me in the dream were unbelievable.  In fact - it's what made me wake up, but it's like I wasn't really awake, I was in-between.. but then I woke up a second time, and I was really awake, lying in bed absorbing all that I had just dreamed about.  Why?  Because I've never been to Lake Volta.  Because when I do go, my husband won't be there.  Because I was there, at the lake, but Bill was asking me how to pray 'before I leave.'  Because of the feeling that overcame me when he started praying- I could still feel it when I woke up.  And because, mostly, my husband doesn't speak in tongues.