July 21, 2015

On Roots

The other day while texting with our missions coordinator back in the states, I was filling her in on all the amazing things happening lately (the couch story & the great ex-pat sale among them!)
Then I told her that we have a chance to buy a vehicle for a really good price.  An SUV with 4WD that's great for driving on these crazy Tanzanian roads.  A diesel engine, a good history, and only a 3 year old engine in it.  And that's when she said:
"Putting down roots..."

I hadn't ever thought of it that way.

July 20, 2015

Proof is in the Pudding.... er... Home Furnishings?

Today I'm reminded of pudding.  And roots.  But first: the pudding.
Let me back up...
When we first found this house, there was a man that offered to sell us his very nice couch for the low price of only $75. A great deal for the completely upholstered piece - a rarity in these parts. We jumped on it (though, not literally) and were thrilled with our new couch!
SO thrilled, that we (apparently) forgot to take a photo of it IN our actual living room- so here's the best one we have.  Bonus for the cute jam session happening.

July 09, 2015

I am NOT a Hoarder... but kind of I am.

When that show "Hoarders" first came out, I couldn't help but watch it.
Until I started getting heart palpitations.
It was as if those piles of newspapers, cardboard boxes and other stuff would somehow, in some mysterious way, push their way through the TV screen right into my living room.
I had to turn the channel.  I just couldn't watch.