May 13, 2014


On our first furlough in the States since our move to Tanzania, I've been making several observations.  Some call it reverse culture shock - and I suppose that's what this is to some extent, but I'm not really all that shocked.  I knew from past re-entries that we would experience these things, but I guess that being away for nearly 10 months heightens the response?  Who knows, in any event, here are some observations:

1) Consumerism/Commercialism.
Wow.  That's all the words I can come up with right now.  It seriously wears us out when we shop.  We were in Target for 20 minutes yesterday and it felt like we were there for two hours.

2) Noise.
So. Much. Noise.  Noises we didn't even realize we ourselves were living with only 10 months ago.  Every time the air conditioning kicks on Owen covers his ears for just a moment and gets startled.

May 03, 2014

Satan Sells Pepsi

I think that Satan must work for Pepsi
because as far as I can tell
he's the one
feeding me these

from the depths of hell