June 13, 2013

He Thinks We Won't Go

He thinks we won't go if we don't get our funds raised.

He thinks we'll be discouraged when we see only 6 of the 100 monthly supporter slots filled.

He thinks we'll start second-guessing ourselves when our 'for sale' pile keeps growing bigger and no one is buying.

He thinks we'll get disheartened when the cheap tickets that were within our grasp for an August 3rd departure turn out not to be available after all.

He thinks I (the planner) will go berserk not knowing when we're leaving, but knowing when school starts and having so very much to do and plan and think about, but not enough time to do it in.

He thinks we'll get squeamish when our church asks us questions that lead to discussions that lead to him getting his wriggly little fingers closer to our throats.

He thinks that if he tries his very best he'll change our mind.  That reason will set in, and we won't go.

But he's wrong. 

Our faith is bigger than that, our faith is stronger than that and we WILL move to Africa.

We will get 100 people to commit to supporting us at $25 a month before the end of July.

We will sell all of our stuff and use it for our start up costs.

We will get amazing tickets on British Airways in early August for less than $1500.

We will move to Africa.

Because that is what God has called us to do.  He's got this.  And he knows the plans he has for us.  And he knows the people he's calling to support us in finances and in prayer.  And he knows, we WILL get past this trial.

Satan, you can try with all your might to discourage us, dishearten us and beat us down, and I'll admit - it might work for a minute.  But we know you're after us and OUR GOD IS BIGGER and our faith is stronger than any army you could throw at us.  We know you're scared of the awesome things we'll do for the kingdom in Africa, and that's why you're trying to stop us from going.  But you may as well give up.  It. Isn't. Going. To. Work.
We will move to Africa this August.  And we're not going to let you get in the way.

Friends, we'd love it if you'd come alongside us in prayer right now - we see Satan trying in so many ways to discourage us and get in the way of things.

Could you just pray that Angel-armies surround us, grace abounds and favor is all over us?  

Pray that our finances come in over and above what we need for monthly support.  Pray that our tickets will be less than $1500 and on British Airways (we get extra luggage free if we fly w/ them) for early August.  And pray that we will have more than enough time to get everything planned, packed, sold, stored and ready for the move.