September 27, 2013

Teaching {Jr. High} in Tanzania

Teaching Jr. High in Tanzania is:

Teaching four students in one class.
That are at four different grade levels in at least two different subjects.
Teaching one American and three Tanzanians.  One of which has only been speaking English for only a year.  Another who has been shoved through the public school system to Jr. High, despite the inability to math at a 2nd grade level.
Having a class of teenagers where more than half are less-than-eager to speak a single word, let alone engage in a class discussion.

September 15, 2013

Farming God's Way... and apparently in God's Timing Too

Hey, it's Bill.  I've had a ton of stuff floating around in my head since attending the training for Farming God's Way a couple of weeks ago, and I've finally had the time to sit down and process it.  I'm excited for all the potential this holds for us, and for the people of Tanzania, and I have to share!

I learned a lot about the culture behind farming in Africa. Here people only become farmers as a last resort. Eighty percent of the population in Africa are subsistence farmers. To help you make the connection – it's their 'living off welfare'. In other words, they don't have a job, so they farm so they can eat. Literally. If you ask someone what he does for a living and he says, “Nothing” it means he's a farmer. Most of these farmers are unable to grow enough to even feed their own families. That is one reason for the high number of orphans – they can't afford to feed/care for their kids.

September 05, 2013

First Day of { }

{Jr. High}

My amazing coworkers: Emily (pre-k), Francis(9th), Holly (4th/5th), Beckey (2nd/3rd), Megan (K/1st), and Me (6th/7th/8th). 

September 01, 2013

In 3 Minutes

In 3 minutes I have to go to bed, but I know it's been a while since I blogged so I'm going to do my best in the 3 minutes I have left... and hope the internet doesn't wig out on me and quit again for the 4347908734 time today.

School starts tomorrow.  I'm excited.  A wee bit nervous (but I always am before school starts).

My son is going to his first day of school tomorrow.  That freaks me out a bit.  NEVER thought I'd be putting him in school this early.  It will be good for him, and for us, and he's super excited.