June 13, 2016

When Your Life Turns into an Episode of ER {Alternately Titled: Another Miracle to Add to the Books}

The following blog will be graphic, emotional (on all ends of the spectrum), and surprising.  It is entirely real-life with no exaggeration or fictitious parts.  It will be long, but I need to get it out. I need to inform so many of my family and friends that have been left in the dark, and writing is my therapy.  It's also my hope that somehow, somewhere in the world someone will benefit from my story. Someone will read this and be filled with hope, see Jesus, or just know they are not alone.

This is not intended for a young audience, parental preview strongly suggested. 

Let's start at the beginning.

{May 1st : Tanzania}
The little bean on the ultrasound machine is clear as day. Measurements match up with my dates - we're 8 weeks pregnant. After trying unsuccessfully for an entire year, then giving up, we are completely and utterly shocked at this happy surprise. Our heads spin as we consider the ramifications of the timing of everything. My heart beats fast but I push it back down in my chest, remembering the last pregnancy that didn't end so well.