May 29, 2010


So the past few weeks I've been taking a slightly different route home from work and every day I pass this big, beautiful green field with a half dozen or so big round hay bales. 

Every time I've passed it I've thought, "Man, I really need to stop and photograph that," or, "Who can I bring here for pictures?"  Well finally, one day, it was just the last straw. (no pun intended! Hahaha, well, okay, maybe it was intended)  On the way home I decided to ask the family that is staying with us (while they're on leave from being missionaries in Thailand) if I could photograph them in said field.  Then when I got home I saw the car was gone.  I was crushed.  They weren't home.  It was the perfect lighting.  The perfect weather.  The perfect field.  And I had no subjects.  ::sigh::  Well, I was pleasantly surprised when I walked in to see mom and the two boys playing... turns out dad took the car and went out for a while.  So we were adventurous with a three year old, a seven year old, a mom and my camera and I.  We parked on the other side of the tracks. 

Walked past a barb wire fence. 
Walked through the green field. 

And let the kids take the reins.  It was so much fun.  The three year old made it interesting when he didn't want to get down in the scratchy field grass... he clung to mom the whole time.
Until - that is- we got to the railroad tracks. 

He got down and didn't want to get off them!

It was so much fun and I'm glad I finally gave in to shooting at that location because I love the way they turned out!

May 17, 2010

Mckmama- Not Me Monday

Feeling guilty for lounging the day away on the couch Saturday?  Feeling embarrassed that your husband got up, got a drink and came back and you were sleeping so soundly you didn't even feel him get up?  Well, if so, this is a good place to let it out!  Hop on over to McMama's site and share your confessions of things you HAVEN'T done.  :)

I definitely did NOT sleep for 2 hours on the couch Saturday afternoon while my husband watched 2 DVR'd episodes of Law&Order and started a movie.  I would never waste valuable weekend time like that!

I would definitely be most careful while shooting an engagement session and would never sit on a fire ant hill.  I always look where I step/crouch/sit before framing that perfect shot!  I certainly did not stand up to find my entire ankle and foot COVERED in red ants.  And don't worry.  It didn't sting a bit.

I would never, ever turn circles in the kitchen looking for my keys in a freak panic when I hear rain come POURING from the heavens saying, "Honey, where are my keys, my windows are down, I'm not good at panicking!!!" To which he would not reply, "Actually, I'd say you're very good at panicking."

So what did you NOT do this week?  C'mon, fess up, it's fun! :)

May 13, 2010

lubdub lubdub lubdub (that's my heart)

... and so is this: (two-part video, 5 min. each, it's worth it - watch!)

Touch A Life Foundation-Ghana Part 1 from C1 Entertainment on Vimeo.

Touch A Life Foundation-Ghana Part 2 from C1 Entertainment on Vimeo.

The Father's House has just discovered Touch a Life Foundation - a foundation based in Texas that will rescue these sweet boys and girls from their life as slaves. 
Around Christmas, Father's House learned that the area just north of The Father's House is one of the worst places in the world for child slavery. The Lord began to speak and confirm this as our target group, and within a three day period our assignment became clear - our next step is to begin rescuing children who are victims of human trafficking. Through further research, we found that the coastal area of the Volta Region (where The Father's House is located) is the primary "hunting ground" for fishermen looking for slaves. Boys from a very young age are sold by desperately poor relatives and then taken to Lake Volta several hours to the North. The lake is the size of Rhode Island and there are an estimated 7,000 boys who are enslaved by the fishermen. They work from dawn to dark, with no pay and very little food. They receive no education. They spend their days diving into the dark waters to untangle the nets from trees, (the lake was man made by flooding a forest region) repair nets, and clean fish. Many become entangled in the nets and drown. Little boys are taught to swim by being thrown repeatedly into the lake with a rope tied around their waists. They are beaten and severely mistreated.  Most of the children on the lake are boys.  At this time, construction is being completed, and we have found our orphans!

So this is where I'm going.  This is where my heart is right now.  I'm so humbled and thankful to have the opportunity to help change these kids' lives.  Will you partner with me, and The Father's House to help these kids?  You can help is in lots of ways!!!
1 - You can PRAY.  PRAYER changes things!  Pray for protection for these sweet children.  Pray for the eyes of the 'masters' to be opened so they see what they are doing is wrong.  Pray for the people involved in rescuing the children, their safety and wisdom.  
2 - You can donate to The Father's House - only $100 can give a child a fresh start!
3 - You can donate toward my trip and the cost of bringing toys/clothes/books over for the children when I go in July. 
You can do this by: sending a check (made out to the Father's House, it will be tax deductable). 
You can do this by: scheduling a photo-shoot with me (see the Clicks for Kids post)
or you can do this by: ordering some Pampered Chef products before May30th (contact me to place your order after browsing through the catalog).

May 10, 2010

Mckmama- Not Me Monday

Are you feeling guilty that you wash-clothed-down before you headed out in public during your yard work break?  Feeling bad for scarfing down half a box of chocolates because you wanted to taste all the flavors?  If so, this is the place to let it out.  You'll be surprised at how therapeutic it can be!  Hop on over to McMama's Blog to grab your "Not Me" button and join in the fun!

I most certainly would never leave my own backyard wearing jogging shorts and a shirt from my high school days, as well as a good coat of sweat and dirt.  And I would never go into three public establishments looking that way.  Never.  I'm way to classy to do that.

I would never put my pj bottoms on backwards on a Sunday morning and continue to wear them backwards after my husband pointed it out to me "You have buttons going down your butt and some drawstrings for a tail!", because I knew I'd be changing in only an hour.  That would just be silly.

May 04, 2010


Lately in our world:
We had a family of 4 move in with us while they're back from the mission field in Thailand.

I've started taking portraits to earn money for Ghana - and LOVE it.

Bought a new camera... and LOVE it.
Named my camera Sam. I don't know why.

Had a great girls night with some friends and got an itch to go to Africa AGAIN next summer...
Have been thinking about alternate forms of income...
Have been loving the 80-90 degree days and Carolina sunshine.

Have not been posting regularly. Ooops.
Had a photo shoot with a really awesome professional photog and even better friend. :)

The family of 4 left for 2-3 weeks of travel. I miss them.
Had a garage sale and raised over $600 for said family of missionaries.
Have been training up a couple to be leaders in our church.
Spent time with my favorite 14month old last weekend.

Found a new baby to sit for down the road.
Thinking about/discussing having a baby of our own one day.
Went scouting for photo locations with a good friend - SO much fun.

Ran out of propane on our grill. :(
Tried a new chicken/rice soup recipe - LOVE it.
Went to PF Chang's for the first time - YUM.
Wrote this blog for you to catch up with us. :)
The End.