March 30, 2012


Has your honey ever smiled at you?  You know, that big, huge, the-eyes-are-smiling-too kind of smile?
My honey smiled at me today like that.  And you know what - I didn't do a thing to get the smile!  I just looked - and there it was, smiling up at me.
It was so cute I had to capture it with my camera!
So I made these 5-ingredient granola bars - and one of the ingredients is honey.  So of course I had to use my Pampered Chef measuring cup because it's the best for sticky stuff like honey.  You slide that white part down to the mark you need, fill it up, then pop the white thing up from the bottom and it pushes all the stuff out - leaving nothing on the sides!  It's pretty handy.  I then used a knife to scrape the top off before putting it in the sink with my other dirty dishes (waiting for the dish fairy to come and clean them, no doubt).  Anyway, after putting my little bear down for his nap, I came back downstairs, checked on these beauties cooling on the counter:

then put the rest of the dishes in the sink, and that (first picture) is what I saw!  I couldn't believe it.  How funny that the honey left me a smile, I swear I did nothing at all to the measuring cup except scrape it and set it in the sink, then leave it there (for the dish fairy, in case you missed that part earlier) while I tended to my little one.
Speaking of little - isn't it sweet how the little things can make you smile?  (Get it - sweet (like honey) and make you smile (like the honey).)  :)  hahaha Not a bad Friday afternoon!