March 05, 2012

Michigan Trip: Part 2

I feel like I've been so behind in my blogging!  Well, for what it's worth - here's the last 1/2 of our trip!
Day 3 was spent at the Batterson house hanging out with Owen's aunt, uncle, cousins & grandparents!  He had a lot of fun playing with the presents they got him, reading books with them and crawling around all over the place!

 Playing with Grandpa's zipper.                                        Reading with Uncle Tom & Gracie
Cousins Cody, Gracie & Analise................. & Aunt Kim!

Day 4 was a day for us to recouperate (mostly Owen) and lay low.  We spent some time together as a family just hanging out at the house, going to the mall and grabbing some lunch at Olga's - a yummy restaurant we don't have in the south.  That afternoon I had a photoshoot scheduled, but it didn't end up working out with the early sunset and some scheduling issues, so we just stopped by for a quick hello... and Owen got to meet and pet his first ever lizzard!  He thought it was the coolest thing!
 That evening we had a dinner scheduled with my cousins (the ones we were staying with).  We were so busy running around while we were there, we hardly saw them, even though we stayed there.  It was nice to sit down to a yummy meal together - my cousin is an amazing cook!  My aunt even made my favorite - her famous fried zucchini... drool!  Owen enjoyed reading some books with his cousin Sarah... though I'm pretty sure she enjoyed it the most :)
 The moon was rising across the street over Gull Meadow Farms and it was sooo pretty!  My cousin & I were using the cars in the driveway as tripods because we didn't have one, and this is as good as I could manage :)  It was our last night in Michigan!
The last day was spent getting laundry done, packed up, and ready for the long haul home.  We played some hockey in the morning before heading to Schlotskey's Deli for a good-bye lunch.

Practicing his goalie skills!

Just checking to make sure the griptape is on good. :)

 Hangin' with Great-Grandma DePew                                          Meeting Uncle Nick!
All my little siblings with my son... weird!

Giggling with grammie

 My other little brother Nick.. who was a day away from 20 when this was taken!
 After lunch Owen got in some gator-wrastlin' while we finished packing.
"Hey guys, wanna play some more hockey?"

Helping cousin Sarah figure out her camera :)

 Pretty sure he thought there was a baby trapped in there, he kept giving it 'kisses'.
 Cousins! Carey, Andy, James & Sarah - the best hosts ever!
 Sunrise over the Carolina mountains on the way home!
 Loved the smoke stack... so industrial looking
 Fourteen hours on the road makes for some tired boys!

So that was our trip!  We had a blast and it was great seeing all our family... next time we're definitely going back in the summer!  We're excited to take Owen to Binder Park Zoo, hang out at the lake I grew up on, and of course Lake Michigan!