March 13, 2012

Another First

The 'firsts' seem to be abounding these days and happening every other millisecond - but here's another first for Owen - first time in a sand box!  We headed to the park on an unseasonably warm 80* day a couple weeks ago to play with some friends and I plopped Owen in the sandbox.  This was his reaction at first:
 Ummm.... what the heck is this stuff?
He kept picking up a little bit in his hands and letting it run through his fingers, and feeling it with his other hand.  It was so cute.
And then... he found a shovel.
 And started having a blast! He was banging it up and down, you can see the sand flying in the pic below!

 "I think I could get used to this stuff, mom!"  "Good sweetie, because one day we will move to Africa and there sure is a lot of sand there!" :)
And then he found a bucket...
He had so much fun playing in the sandbox!  This will definitely be a repeat adventure :)