March 08, 2012

More Than

It's the moments like these I want to remember the most.
More than a Kodak Moment.
It's the mornings that you call to me from your bedroom, letting me know you're hungry for milk, hungry for the closeness we share in the early morning hours.
More than big events and holidays.
It's the mornings like this, where you snuggle in close, discovering the freckles on my arms and prodding them with your delicate little fingers, one by one.  It's the quiet and steady rhythm of your breathing, the melodic sound of your humming - that noise you make when you're tired, but not quite asleep.
More than big adventures or trips.
It's the times like this when you fit perfectly in the crook of my arm and I can take in the fragrance of your soft, silky hair, admire the little dimples that line up on top of your hands and when I stroke your cheek your big blue eyes look up into mine like there's nothing else in this world.  No one else in this world but just you and me.
More than the momentous occasions and snippets of your life we've caught on film.
It's moments like these that I want to remember the most, my sweet Owen Bear.