March 27, 2012

Lions and Tigers Kitties & Bears, OH MY!

We got Bear a [generic] pillow pet that looks like a Lion a few weeks ago on clearance at Garden ridge.  When we walked past them he lit up and started giggling so hard we just couldn't resist.  And even though it's been several weeks, he still LOVEs it.  It's SO stinkin' adorable to watch him play with it!  If we say, "Where's lion?  Go get lion!!" He's crawl over to it as fast as his little hiney can scoot and tackle it and growl at it and this is usually what follows:



It's an all-out, no-holds-barred, free-for-all between him and lion! :)  He's such a boy, and I LOVE it!

Tigers Kitties
Owen just loves our kitties, he thinks they're just the cat's pajamas... hahaha, pun totally intended.  Anyway... one of our cats - Oliver - is also getting quite warmed up to Owen.  He (Oliver) loves to nuzzle and get his belly rubbed, and has been letting Owen get in on the action lately:
Owen thinks it's so cool when Oliver nuzzles him that he'll chase him around half the day with his head down ready to get a nuzzle.  He even nuzzles us sometimes to tell his he loves us :)  It's pretty adorable.

Our little bear is growing up so fast!!
With a mouth full of quinoa!