December 15, 2011

Our Little Foodie

A month and a half ago Owen wasn't all that thrilled with solids - he was a milk baby all the way.  But he's turned into quite the foodie lately!  His food repertoire is growing pretty rapidly!  All his foods are whole - we give him a big enough chunk that he can hold onto it and take bites out of it as he wants to. 
He now eats:
Broccoli (steamed)
Carrots (one whole fresh carrot, cut in 1/2, steamed)

Green Beans (frozen whole green beans, steamed)


Pears (whole raw Bosch pears, quartered, peeled, cored)

Apples (whole raw pink lady apples, quartered, peeled, cored)
The other day I gave him a quarter of an apple and he ate all but three dime-sized pieces of it!  I couldn't believe it!

Bananas (whole banana, peeled)

The most he's ever eaten was 1/2 a banana, but that's because we stay away from those because they're constipating, and moving to solid foods has already proven to be... interesting... with the BMs. :)

And his favorite: Sweet Potato Fries


He'd eat these three times a day every day if I let him!  He usually eats 3 in a sitting! (I just cut them from a fresh sweet potato - they're about the length of an adult finger and cut like steak fries, I toss them in a smidge of olive oil and bake 'em) I once asked him "You want some sweet tater fries?" and showed them too him before warming them up... he was so heartbroken that I didn't give them to him right away.  He did the whole eyes-real-big-mouth-wide-open-lip-sticking-out-slow-cry-with-crocodile-tears.... it was pitiful.  I have since learned not to show him the food until it's ready for him to eat. :)

He does a great job, and hardly ever gets so much off the piece that he gags, but when he does, his body takes over and he spits it out.  It's actually pretty cute to watch because he purses his lips real tight and spits and sometimes (depending on the food) it shoots out like a rocket.

When he's finished he will just leave the food pieces on the tray and start banging the tray with his hands.... we're working on the sign for 'all done' but he's not quite there yet. :) 

I did try pureeing some pears the other day to see if I could get more down into his system (pears help with constipation) and he did pretty well eating off the spoon, he got tired of it after a little while though and I gave him the other chunk to gnaw on and he was happy.

I love that he can feed himself and I'm glad we stuck with the Baby Led Weaning, but it is bittersweet because of how old it makes him seem :)  Eating solid foods at only 7 months and all... he's growing so fast!  He's still nursing on demand - which ends up being every 3-4 hours usually, and we give him solid foods (or at least try to) three times a day - at the same time we eat meals.  We all sit at the table together (him in his highchair of course) and eat together.  I love it and I love that we're starting off early eating meals together around the table.  :)