December 01, 2011

It's Been A While

... since I've said this:

"I love my job."

So I thought I'd document it.  :)

Hehehe, it's true.  I really do love my new job.  I get to spend two hours a day, two days a week, with a great group of 5 kids, having fun and doing activities to help them grow in reading, math and writing.  I get to show them I care about them, learn about their lives, and be a role-model to them.  I get to teach them how to learn, how to have good character and how to be responsible.  I work for people that value me (they sent me a thank you card for attending a (required, paid) staff training (where they fed us a complete meal, I mean, come on!).  I only have to spend about an hour or two a month grading papers/doing progress reports.  AND I get paid for it.  I get paid in a way that much more represents my worth than what I was getting paid/being made to do working in public schools.  It's a win-win situation.  And I haven't even started the Saturdays portion of the job yet! 

Thank you Jesus for this new season, where I can stay home with my little one and watch him grow every day, and still bring in a little income for our family, and for this season where I can finally say, I. Love. My. Job