December 22, 2011

Christmas Cheer

I've been enjoying every last second with the family as we become filled with the Spirit of Christmas and spread our Christmas cheer.  First it was making from-scratch buckeyes with little Owen (okay, so mostly he watched and banged on his high chair tray while eating his peach), then it was capturing Owen's cute little smile, creating a card and mailing it to all our out of town family and friends, then it was making from-scratch sugar cookies with hubby, frosting and decorating each one, then it was handing out our goodies to some of our friends, and today it was capturing the beauty of our Christmas tree all aglow. 
 There's just something about the warm glow of Christmas lights that makes me all happy inside :) 

Their soft glow just makes me all warm and snuggle-y and brings back such memories of Christmas's past.

Just before I set my camera down I snapped this one - not what I was hoping it would turn out to look like, but Owen started crying and I had to run and check on him.

I love that the heart fell right on the top of the flag... so representative of the Place the Stole My Heart :)

Merry Christmas from our family to yours! And may you feel all warm and snuggle-y this holiday season too! :)