December 17, 2011

In Which it Takes 137 Frames

 "What's that momma? You wanna take my picture in front of the tree for our Christmas card photo?"
 "Ok! Look, here's my smile!!!!!"
 "Oh I was moving to fast and it was blurry. Well. I'm terribly sorry."
 "What? You don't want a picture of me yelling either? K, fine then I'll just sit here."
 "Ho hum.  This is kinda boring momma."
 "Juuuusstt kidding.  You know I love it when you take my picture."
 "How about a close up? I'll lean in for ya!!"
 "Oh. That was too close?  Well sorry.  Here, let me lean back."
 "Mom! Why'd you freak out, I wasn't gonna fall off the ottoman!"
 "Okay. I'll sit really still. Ready. Go."
 "Well, are we done or what?  Seriously? I don't feel like smiling right now I'm ready for my nap."
 "Moooommmmmm. Seriously?!"
"Nope. Not gonna smile.  I want my snack and I want my nap.  That's all."