December 23, 2011

Four Score, some spinach, and a Poll...

Well... actually it's more like four TEETH!  Yup - little O has 4 teeth!  Can you see 'em past all the squash?

In other news... our little bear still hasn't decided if he wants to walk or crawl... but I'm leaning toward walking before crawling!  He love, love, LOVES to stand up on things and has even tried letting go a couple of times!  Then there are days where he'll be rockin' back and fourth from the sitting position to the crawling position...
So what do you think?   Cast your vote on the poll at the top right of the page!

Also he's added quite a few things to his diet lately - he now eats: apples, pears, (pureed)prunes, green beans, broccoli, spinach (raw and/or steamed), peaches, scrambled eggs, baked sweet potato spears, frozen squash (that has been previously cooked/mashed), avocado (sliced) and carrots.  He also drinks a little water every day, out of a normal cup!  Although he did try a sippy cup at a friends house the other day, and did really well with it, so we'll have to get him one of those soon! 

I can't believe how fast he's growing up!