December 19, 2011

3lbs of Powdered Sugar

A blog I read does a fun little post every week called "Not Me Monday."  It's a place for bloggers to fess up to the things they've done... er... not done that week.  It's a lot of fun so I thought I'd join in.  Here goes:

Mckmama- Not Me Monday

I most certainly did not make a recipe that called for 3lbs of powdered sugar and 1lb of butter.  Nope.  We eat healthy around here and recipes should never be measured by POUNDS of sugar and butter.  That's. Just. Crazy.

I would never put my son's footed pajamas on backwards, and then not notice until 9am the next morning.  What kind of mother do you think I am, anyway?

Also, I wouldn't even think about trying to get that 'perfect' Christmas card photo exactly 9 days before Christmas, exactly 20 minutes past his nap time. And if I did try it, it wouldn't take me exactly 137 frames before getting one kinda-okay-a-tiny-bit-blurry-but-it-doesn't-matter-because-it's-only-a-small-card photo of him smiling in front of the Christmas tree.  And then I wouldn't keep a couple dozen of the ones I didn't use because of the adorable expressions he was making, even if they were out of focus. And I would never publish those to my blog letting the whole world see my mad photography skillz, with a Z.