August 12, 2012

I'm Basking

... in the amazing one-on-one time with my little bear. 
... in the giggles and grins
... in the 'mamas' and 'papas' and the 'wassats' and all the other words
... in the unsure steps of a walker as he runs across the house squealing in delight as I chase after him
... in the living room dance parties, which he never wants to end
... in the inquisitive look in his eyes as he sees, feels, learns and experiences new things
... in the affectionate cuddles randomly received as he runs at me full force and collapses into me with his arms open wide
... in the little boy my baby is becoming as he shows his personality, his amazing amount of knowledge and his tender heart

I'm basking in the Agape Love of our Father, who knew this is what I needed right now.  What we need right now.  To take the time to just be.  Me and him, and the One who makes it all possible.  
It won't last forever, so these days I'm basking in it all.  Every. Single. Ounce of my sweet, sweet baby boy.


 Learning about new textures, digging, scooping and pouring with Rice Crispies! (better than raw rice or beans because it's okay if he tries to eat it, which he didn't) He was entertained for a good 30 minutes and thought it was very cool.  Though, he wasn't keen on getting his hands in there until the 2nd day we played with it.

Giving George a turn on his rocket before going for a ride himself :)
 Our friends gave him this backpack and he asked me to put it on immediately.  He loves wearing it and starts waving as soon as we put it on him.  I have no idea where he got that from- but he seems to know wearing a backpack means going somewhere!

Owen doesn't love water these days, so to help him with bath time I whipped up this recipe I was inspired by on Pinterest for some bath paints.  I modified the original and it worked great - it's 1T cornstarch, a few drops of food coloring, about a 1/2 T baby shampoo and a few drops of water (until it's desired consistency)  He LOVED painting the tub with it - and it washed right off with just water and a washcloth when he was done! We'll definitely be doing this again!

 Owen's first experience with sidewalk chalk - he had a lot of fun with it!

His first blanket fort!  He had SO much fun - he kept crawling in and out of it and giggling when he would reappear on the other side!