August 29, 2012

Stream of Consciousness

Owen's latest thing is saying "muah" to kiss things or when he wants something to be kissed.  It's stinkin' adorable.  He kisses his giraffe, his bike, pictures in books, he even kissed my phone today when I was letting him watch a video on it about baby animals.

I hate how auto-correct corrects so many of my words when I write - especially when it's things about Owen & what he said.  Don't they know I'm trying to write 'muah', not mush.  UGH. I digress.

I have been reminded lately of how amazingly blessed I am.  To be able to stay home with Owen and watch him grow and learn new things everyday is such a gift and I am SO thankful for it.

Speaking of gifts.  Gramma bought us a plane ticket because she misses us so much.  So Owen & I are flyin' solo to Arizona next week to see her for the first time since he was born.  I'm pretty excited.  Not nervous at all.  Sad that Bill can't come (no vacay time left), but excited that she gets to see her only grandson again after 16 long months.  And I'm a bit excited to see her too.  I mean, she is my momma.  ;)

Owen is very into helping these days.  He always wants to help us whenever we are doing something.  If I'm cooking he wants to be sitting on the counter helping in some way.  If we're doing laundry he wants to help us pull it out of the dryer and put it in the basket.  It's super cute.  And usually very helpful.  Today at a friends house the oldest boy dumped a whole HUGE bin of wooden train tracks out to find what he wanted.  Owen immediately started putting the pieces back in the bin (that's my boy). Such a good little helper.

Last night hubby & I flipped through a bunch of old pics of little bear.  He's changed so much in the past 16 months - it's crazy.  He was SUCH a chunk for a little while too!  Why didn't you guys tell me?! I mean, the rolls, the cheeks, the chins-- they were abounding!

Africa keeps coming up in things.  Dreams.  Conversations.  Thoughts.  I can't escape it. (not that I'm trying). It makes me wanna go back.  Really bad.  Like now.  Or yesterday.

Okay. I guess I should go clean the tub.  I've waited several weeks for the house elves to show up and do it for me but alas, it is still dirty.  I shall go get my elbows greasy.  Or something like that.