August 31, 2012


There's this adorable little park tucked in a corner of an obscure (read, ghetto) neighborhood just a couple miles from my house.  I love this park.  For several reasons.
A) There's hardly ever anybody there
B) The turf that surrounds the park is way better than wood chips- it's this rubber floor stuff.
C) The park is handicap accessible, which means lots of ramps, which means toddler friendly!
D) It's like 5 minutes from my house
E) It's got SO much really cool equipment
F) It's completely fenced in and there's only one way in/out so I can let him run and not worry about random people coming in or him trying to get out.

So we went there for the first time in a while the other day, and I decided to tote along my camera.  Here's what happened.

 "Woaa! Momma, this place is SO cool!!"

"Can I get up here?"                                        "Yes! I did it all by myself!!!"
 "OooOOO, but there's another car over there, okay momma, down please."

"Vroooommm, Vrooommmm"       "Woa! There's more stuff over there, can I go momma?"
Sure, sweetie, you can go wherever your want to!
 "From up here I can see everything!  Ooo, swings, momma can I go swing?"
Sure, sweetie, want me to help you down?"
*   *   *
"Momma, snack please?"
Sure sweetie, I brought you some puffs, want those?
"Yes please!"
 "Feese fuff are fo goof momma"
 Hey bear, you dropped a couple. 
 "Oh, thanks momma, I'll get those."
 "Momma, why are you taking pictures of me eating puffs?"
Because you're so darn cute little bear!
"Hey momma, whossat over there?"
Those are some kids swinging, do you wanna get down and go play again?