August 16, 2012

The Last/First Time

The last time the three of us went camping... well, it was also the first time.
Anyway, the last time the three of us went camping...
 We stayed in a camouflage tent surrounded by a burma (bunch of thorns) to keep us safe from the wildlife.  It was Owen's first time camping, first time sleeping in a tent.  Oh. And we were in Africa.

Last time we went camping we sang, jumped and danced around the campfire with some pretty amazing people of the Masaai tribe.
Last time we went camping we had roasted goat liver and mandazi (fried dough) for breakfast.

Last time we went camping I peed (and I'm not the only one) behind this Boabab tree.
Last time we went camping we made memories we will not soon be forgetting.

But as we get ready for our next camping trip coming up, I'm looking forward to the memories (though totally different) that we'll create.  We're headed to the coast of NC for Owen's first time at the beach.  I was hoping we'd be able to find a friend, or a friend of a friend that we could borrow a beach house/condo from for free, or for trade in photography sessions, but we weren't able to.  So I was slightly disappointed that we'd be roughin' it in a tent.  Then I started to think about that first time we went camping.  And how fun it was.  What an adventure we had.  And yeah, we were in Africa so of course it was an adventure - but regardless of that, we were camping in a tent with a one-year-old.  I mean - it doesn't matter where on earth you are, camping in a tent with a one-year-old is the epitome of adventure.
So we're gonna do it again, and we're super excited about it!
We won't be jumping around singing songs in Kimasaai around the campfire, we (definitely) won't be eating roasted goat liver for breakfast, and we won't be peeing behind any baobab trees.  But we'll be making memories.  Cooking pizzas over the fire, bummin' it on the beach during the day, showing Owen the ocean, the waves, letting him get covered head-to-toe in sand, walking the boardwalk as the sun sets behind us, then making s'mores after he's asleep in the tent for the night.  We won't be in Africa, but we'll still be making memories - and for that, I'm super excited.