July 29, 2012


Owen is becoming such a little man.  His personality is starting to blossom and it's so stinkin' cute.

One thing he (still) doesn't like is getting his diaper changed.  So we usually give him something he's not normally allowed to have to distract him while we change him.  For instance - the wii remote, the TV remote, the lint roller, etc.  Well lately, whenever we get the diaper out, he'll start walking around the living room saying, "hm.  Hmmmm"  looking for what it is he wants to be able to have.  That kid.  I tell ya.  Sometimes he even gets in the drawer (where we keep some of those special items) and picks out what he wants before I've even got the diaper laying on the ground ready to change him.  It's pretty cute.

He's also enjoyed becoming more independent with his eating lately. We started him off pretty early being independent - since we never did baby food.  But lately he's been even more independent - wanting to eat the banana all by himself, with the peel on.  Wanting to feed himself applesauce with the spoon (which we normally did for him), etc.  His manners are sooo cute too.  99% of the time he'll use the sign for more when he's ready for more food.  And if I'm not looking or busy cooking dinner or something he'll say "mama, ssss" and do the more sign (which means, momma, please more?) 

He really is a good little communicator all the time- not just at mealtimes.  He recently got some hand-me-down puzzles from a friend (which is his new favorite thing to play with!) that we keep on the dining room table, and whenever he wants to play with them he'll walk out there and say please over and over until we walk out there and see him or until I say, "You want your puzzles?" and he'll say "Yup."  Yea.  He says "yup."  it's cute. :)  He communicates "on" by saying "ot" and "open" by saying "peh" in a whisper voice.  "St" means "stroller", "sts" means "upstairs", "bah" means "ball", "bu bu" is "bug-bug" (our cat's nickname), "ta" is "towel" "wa" is "water", "mamay" is "edamamae", "manma" is mango, "sszzss" is "raisins", "puhs" is "puffs", "baba" is "banana", "buh" is "book".  He knows "up" but also uses it to mean down :)  He'll tell us if he wants 'help' too, though it sounds more like "hep".  Just last night he woke up around 10pm and I heard him saying "help, help, help" through the monitor.  So I went in to see what he wanted, his giraffe (George) was on the floor from earlier in the day, we never put it back in his crib, and he wanted him.  As soon as I gave him George he gave it a big hug then said "puh" and pointed over the other side of his crib, where he'd thrown puppy (in attempt to get George, I'm assuming".) As soon as he had his giraffe, puppy and paci, he laid right back down and went to sleep.  He's great at communicating yes and no, too.  He doesn't really say "no" yet, unless he's referring to something he's not allowed to touch/have - in which case he says "nononono".  When he just wants to say no, he'll shake his head.  When he wants to say yes he'll say "uhum. yup. or yssss" and he knows SO many animal sounds!  For a lion he roars, for a sheep/goat he bahahaha's, for a dog he barks, a cat he meows, a bird he tweets, a turtle he says "tuh-tle", a zebra is zzzzzzz, a fish is shhhhh, a cow is mmmmoo a horse is neeneeenee, a gorilla/mokey is uugh ugh (grunting) and flowers are him making the sniffing sound.  He makes the vrooom sound when he plays with his trucks and a vrrrzzzz sound when he sees a vacuum. 

Speaking of puzzles - he's getting pretty good at them!  He can even get them in the right spots some times!


He also really enjoys his new cell phone.  Our roommate gave him his old phone to play with on car rides (because he doesn't love being in the car) and he'll open it and put it to his hear and say "ooooo?" for "hello".  The other day he kept saying "ot, ot ot ot" which means "on" and I explained to him it wouldn't turn on because the battery was taken out and he just casually dropped it over the side of his car seat as if it wasn't any good to him any more since it didn't have a battery.  Silly boy.

He got to play with some sidewalk chalk for the first time yesterday.  He's colored with crayons a few times, and he thinks that's pretty neat, but he really liked the chalk.  He kept trying to see if he could fit both pieces in one hand :)


While we were playing outside, every time he would hear a voice he would stop what he was doing and wave.  Even if he couldn't see anyone!  He's quite the socialite - so friendly!  At Target today as soon as we wheeled up to the cashier he waved and gave her a big grin, it's cute to see him be so friendly and social.

Okay, I think that's all the recent ism's of Owen.  Whew, it's been a while.  This working full-time and being a momma and a wife is not for the faint of heart!  I'm thankful there's only one more week of work until I'm a stay at home mom again - and beyond thankful that God provides for our family for me to be able to stay home with my little one - because I sure do miss him!