July 14, 2012

Our Adventure: Tanzania 2012 (12)

Day 12    6/20/12
This morning was another slow start, and it was welcomed.  We got our things around and packed for camping with the Maasai, then assembled gift bags to hand out to the kids - about 150 filled with bouncy balls, crayons, coloring books, silly bands, whistles, etc.
We headed out to the Maasai around 3pm.  It was about an hour drive outside of Moshi to get to Maasaini, where they live.  We stopped at the market (which was just getting over) on our way into camp.

We saw a shoemaker making shoes... can you see what they're made of?
Tires!  These are quite popular with the Maasai.

We were very warmly welcomed by several Maasai who watched patiently as we set up camp.  Our tents were safe and secure surrounded by a berma that promised to keep away any stray elephants and such. 

 The berma is the 2 feet of thorn bushes you can see encircling our site. Our tent was the cammo one.

Yup.  That's our toilet. 

After we were set up they made us some chai (tea) and mandazi (fried dough).  It was a nice snack after setting up camp.

It got dark pretty soon after and as I was attempting to put Owen to sleep in the tent the singing and dancing began.  It was SUCH a beautiful thing to hear, and later to watch.

They sang and danced several hours into the night.  After Owen finally fell asleep I went out to join them.  Georgia (family friend of Marry & Peter that joined us) brought her guitar so we took a turn singing for them  We sang "I will dance, I will sing to be mad for my king..." and they loved the part of the song that goes, "naaaa-na-na-na-na-na - HEY, naaaa-na-na-na-na-ha - HEY" When the song was over we told them it was their turn to sing a song for us and a couple of the kids sang, "Naaa-na-na-na-na-na HEY!" and started giggling, it was really cute.  When it was our turn again one of the moms was doing some hand motions toward us, and I figured out it was the motions for "Lord I lift your name on high" So we started singing it and a couple of the women, sure enough, had remembered the hand gestures that go with the song from another team that had come out there!  So we sang it through a few times and taught everyone the motions and they liked that a lot.
There was a slight misunderstanding about dinner plans.. so we made ham & cheese sandwhiches we'd brought for lunch the next day. (The Maasai were supposed to cook dinner for us, but they'd decided amongst themselves (without telling us) that they would cook lunch the next day instead).  I finally headed to bed around 10:30, to find Owen laying the opposite way he should have been across our sleeping bags, forcing us to sleep like an H with him as the middle part.  Silly boy :)