July 06, 2012

Our Adventure: Tanzania 2012 (9)

Day 9    6/17/12
Ty, Bill, Owen & I went to church with Gaudy & Justin today.  The rest of the team split up as well - so altogether we went to three churches.  The church we went to is the church Peter & Mary planted a few years ago and used to attend.  There were about 50-60 people there.  It met in a big building, very open with high ceilings.  Praise & worship lasted about an hour.  It was mostly in Swahili but some of it was call/response so I was able to catch a few of the choruses.  Owen liked the music a lot - they had a base guitar, keyboard and a handful of vocalists - including kids.  The kids danced too - it was too cute!
Each of us spoke after the offering was taken.  Bill & I shared about God's provision over our lives.  We shared how God told me to stay home with Owen when I got pregnant, and that once I did our income was cut in half.  But because we obeyed God, he's been providing for us ever since and we've always had more than enough.  I talked a little about Mission for Mawu, Father's House Ghana, and how even when there was pressure from others to use the money for our own bills, I never did. Because of that choice and because of God's amazing provision, not only are we able to live with more than enough, but we were able to get all the way to Africa with our entire family!  The church seemed very responsive, there were a lot of "Amen's" and clapping.  It was neat to be able to share God's goodness with them.  Afterward the church prayed for us all.  The pastor told Bill & I that he hopes we choose Moshi as our home (after hearing that we will move to Africa someday) and that we are welcome at their church anytime.  It was sweet. :)  On the way home from church Gaudy said, "Your story really touched me, thank you for sharing."  She's such a sweet woman.  I have a feeling we would be great friends if I lived here... have I said that already? I don't know - but she's super sweet and has a great sense of humor too.
When we got home we got ready to drive over to Kilimanjaro to the waterfall for a picnic.  It was about 40 minutes to get partly up the base of Kili where the waterfall was.  We had our picnic at the top of the falls.

After eating, we walked to the bottom.
Only the boys actually got in the water - because it was FREEZING.  I'm talking - numbingly-take-your-breath-away-cold!  We stood in it and my feet were going numb!
It's winter there so it wasn't too surprising that the water was freezing!  The boys braved it though and swam over to the falls and climbed up behind them.

On the way back down the mountain we stopped for tea at a cute little lodge.  It was a perfect way to warm up :)
Once we got home we made home-made pizzas for dinner & relaxed for a while.  The power ended up going out and Peter & Mary were gone picking up close family friend Georgia from the airport, so we didn't know how to kick the generator on.  So we busted out the flashlights and continued on with our pizza cooking.  Good thing the stove was a gas one :)
After we got ahold of Peter & the boys turned the generator on we busted out the cards and played some Nertz.  It was pretty fun!
Bill & I have been talking a lot with Mary about logistics of being full time missionaries and it's been great to pick her & Peter's brains.  Especially since they're parents and are very like-minded.  I really feel like we'll be back here relatively soon.  Not exactly sure when, but I have definitely heard God say "Soon" more than once.  Guess we'll see....    :)