November 30, 2010

You Say Banana, I Say BanAHna...

... and says that's what I've got in my belly right now!  That's right - junior is about the size of a banana these days - 6-6.5inches! 
I'm officially 20 weeks now, which means I'm about 1/2 way there!  Time is flying by and symptoms are still slowly but surely easing up!  I can eat a lot more these days, though chicken and I still don't mix well.  Pizza and other red sauced things give me heart burn so I try to avoid those... but other than things not sounding good/looking good, I've not been sick - which is OK with me!  The tiredness is not changing at all... but I suppose that comes with working full time corralling 20 seven year-olds.  There are times that I get bursts of energy, but I crash very easily too.  My lower back has been bothering me a bit, but nothing major, and seeing the chiropractor regularly has definitely helped with that.  My belly is stretching and growing for sure, and I can see a change... there are still days (depending on the shirt I wear) that I don't 'feel' or 'look' pregnant, but most people say it's obvious at this point.  What do you think?   :)
 This is 20 weeks... below is 14 weeks

So I'm seeing some growth :)
We've also been busy getting the baby room ready.  I had 5 days off (FIVE!) over Thanksgiving so I used that time to relax... er.. or not.  I had 2 photo sessions and we painted the baby's room and rearranged the whole upstairs.  The office had to turn into the baby's room, which meant the moving and selling of furniture on craigslist so we could have a 'living area' in the loft.  We kept the guest room the same, but we also did a hard core cleaning up stairs while we were at it.  Yes.  I was nesting.  I admit it.  :)
 Painting in progress...
 Painting Finished!  The room isn't going to stay furnished like this... but it's a start! :)
So that's what's new on the baby front... 6 more days till we find out the gender of our little banana!!