November 15, 2010

The BOLD and the Beautiful!

No - no - and no - NOT the soap opera!  But I got you reading didn't I?  :) 

I'm talking about our colors for the baby's room - they are BOLD and I think they are absolutely beautiful!  We don't have it all painted yet, but we do have some splotches up on the wall and we are in LOVE with the colors.  They're gender-neutral, since we don't know the gender yet (though we will in 3 weeks!) but can be easily accented to accommodate a girl (with deep purples/magentas) or a boy (with bright, bold blues and greens).  We'll have 3 "Caribbean Holiday"(teal) walls, with one "Field Poppy"(orange) wall, opposite the crib. 
For now the plan is to accent with the bright green color, but that might change.  By accent I mean like, curtains, clock, wall art, etc.

It's feeling real-er and real-er by the minute, now that we've got our paint picked out and have started trying to figure out logistics of rearranging the upstairs furniture... it's all coming together!