December 06, 2010

From the Inside Out

Well... let's do that backwards:

He was a little camera shy :)  
And here's his first outfit!
My husband actually spotted this last week while we were out getting maternity clothes, and I fell in LOVE with it and said we MUST come back and get it if we find out it's a boy, so we did. :)

 And I'm kinda in love the green accents on this one - the mitten cuffs are a bonus too!
We LOVE bright and bold colors - no pastels or "my mommy loves me" screen printing for this boy - it's bright colors and patterns all the way! :)
So we're very excited to meet our baby boy in mid-April!  We don't have any names yet, but when we do, it's gonna be kept under wraps until he's born - we gotta keep somethin' a secret! ;)