November 02, 2010

.......... 4

4 months ago I watched Ghana fade away in the distance out the window of an airplane.

4 months ago I was on the mountain top, feeling closer to God than I've ever felt before.

4 months ago I came home from Africa and Satan tried to rob me of my joy and damage my marriage.

4 months ago Satan ALMOST won.

4 months ago my amazing friends whom I love so much prayed with my husband and I to fight, FIGHT hard against the attacks that came our way.

4 months ago my husband and I grew closer than we've ever been before.

4 months ago we DEFEATED Satan's stupid attempts to overshadow the miracles God had created in Africa and in my own life when he thought it'd be fun to mess with our marriage.

4 months ago we CREATED life.  We created a living, breathing human being to raise up in the ways of our Father to go forth and reach the nations of the world with the Word that GOD is GOD and Satan LOSES.

4 months ago my life was changed in Africa.

4 months ago our marriage was strengthened exponentially.

4 months ago our family of two became a family of three.

and yesterday... as I lay there and we heard our baby's heart beating (at a rate divisible by 4), I couldn't help but think of all that happened to bring us to this point....

4 months ago.