November 22, 2010

Light & Mello

Mello Yello that is.

So tonight hubby and I went to Cantina 1511 for the first time ever.  We had  a g/c from some friends and finally got around to using it.  It was great food, and loved the atmosphere, but I digress... this is not about the food.  It's about the drink. 

The Mello Yello that came  sailing across the table, out of hubby's glass and onto my seat... and lap.  The full glass the waitress had just placed in front of him was apparently unstable as he reached for it and got knocked over spilling ice and fizzy yellow stickiness all over. 

Why do I blog this?  Because my dear friends. about 9 years ago, when out to eat with my family (though at a separate booth because we were too 'cool' and teen-agey to sit with them), the same, EXACT thing happened.  The freshly filled Mello Yello came sailing across the little table and landed directly in my lap.  I was soaked.  Looked like I peed my pants.  And we had only just begun dating.

We laughed about it then, and many years after, but never did we think it would happen again.  But alas, it did and it made me think about all the fun, silly little things that have happened to us over the years and it makes me appreciate our relationship that much more.  Most teenage girls would have FREAKED out that night, but here I am, married to my high school sweetheart and loving every Mello Yello that comes with it. :)