October 21, 2010

When life hands you lemons...

Take a picture!

That's our little lemon in there... not a box of twinkies.  :)  Yes, I know, I'm at that stage where people look at me and think, "Is she pregnant or just gaining weight?"  I'm at that stage where people look at me, look at my belly, then look back up at me and just smile politely.  Afraid to ask.  Afraid to congratulate for fear of me saying, "I'm not pregnant! HOW RUDE!"  Hahaha, it's funny, really.
Seriously though, our little baby is the size of a lemon right now :)  And he's (or she's) decided to make an appearance... nope, I can't suck that gut in.  It's firm and not going anywhere.  Trust me.
You know those expando-belts they use on airplanes for overweight people?  Yea, I have one of those for my pants.  And I have to use it these days.  And sitting down in jeans?  Well, that's just out of the question - elastic-banded pants come on as soon as I get home so I can get comfy. Laying on my stomach is now officially not an option either.  And bending over while sitting, well, I can do it, but it doesn't feel so good when the stomach doesn't just roll up and outta the way like it used to.  :)
On a good note - the nausea has subsided  a bit.  My appetite is very, very slowly coming back, bit by bit.  I still can't eat many foods, but I do have cravings now so I tend to satisfy them since most foods turn me off altogether. 
The exhaustion is still there... hasn't changed a bit.  I get tired easily and I'm tired early and don't want to get out of bed in the morning.  I was talking to my friend (who's pregnant for the 2nd time) and she says, "Well, that usually goes away around the 2nd trimester - you'll get this burst of energy for a little while and life will be normal again.  Well... maybe you won't 'cause you work full time."  Thanks friend.  Thanks.   :)

In all seriousness, we are very excited.  It's neat to see the changes... and to see the 3oz. that's been controlling my life these past three and half months. :)