January 28, 2013

A Short Story

One day O & Papa were playing upstairs in his room after nap.  Momma came downstairs to take care of some things and before long Papa was trotting down the stairs, alone.  Upon seeing Momma was on her phone, he turned around and went back up.  Then came back down.  And went to get his phone.
"What are you doing?" Momma asked.
"I need to take Owen's picture.  He's up there sitting in the chair with all his animals and he wants me to take a picture."
"Oh, well use the real camera!"
So Momma & Papa both went back upstairs, hoping that O was still sitting (cute as could be) in the rocking chair surrounded by his animals.
Indeed he was.  So Momma proceeded to click away as he sat there patiently, saying cheese here and there. As she did so, Papa chimed in: "So he asked me to sit in the chair so I got up and he sat in it.  Then he wanted Bear-Bear.  So I gave it to him.  Then he wanted Teddy.  And kitty.  And turtle.  And he kept saying more and naming his animals one by one until they were all sitting there with him.  And then he told me to take his picture."
"Wow, that's stinkin' adorable," Momma replied in a whisper to Papa.
And it was.