January 24, 2013

A Confession

Dear O,

You're almost 21 months old.  That's getting awfully close to two.  I'm not sure how I feel about that.  Excited and happy to see the boy you're growing into, but sad to see some of your 'isms' and mispronunciations fall away.  I confess, I haven't taken very many pictures of you this month.  I've been soaking up every moment with you and I've just forgotten to get out the camera.  I wanted to tell you though, how much I absolutely love spending every moment with you.  The other day when you lifted up your shirt, showed me your belly and said "eat!" was so cute!  I love it when you get all playful and want to be chased and tickled and let me 'eat' your belly and cheeks.  The smile you get and the cute look in your eye when you are acting 'sissy' (silly) or when you see something silly is A. Dorable.
I also love the way you learn, the way you remember things, pick up on things.  Like when we tell you some one is going to come over and see you, it always prompts you to say "knock knock?" And when I tell you that yes, they will knock on the door, you run to the door and knock on it, then expect them to be there.  It doesn't quite work that way, but it's cute that you do it anyway. :)
You've also picked up on how we always ask "Are ya ready?" when it's time to go somewhere.  And it's really cute how now, you always ask us first, "a ya ready?" and get all excited and run to the door.  And most of the time you say 'bye-bye' to things along the way - like your kitchen, your guitar, your car.
I like the way you know how things are 'supposed' to go, or when things are supposed to happen too.  You like to remind me to give you your vitamins at night, you put away your toys before going somewhere and you always have to be covered and have your teddy and puppy at night.  In the morning when I bring you into our bed for snuggles it's so unbelievably sweet that you always ask me to put my arm around you, then you pull the covers up over us and give me your puppy so I can snuggle him.  
Your favorites right now are snowmen, bulldozers, dinosaurs and airplanes.  Your gramma got you some snowman PJ's that you absolutely love.  You cry every time we have to get you dressed, that's how much you like them.  And your aunt got you a shirt with a bulldozer on it, and you ask to wear it several times a week.  And whenever you see one while we're out driving the way you so excitedly shout "bo-bo!" is so cute.  I don't know how you do it but you seem to have a radar for airplanes.  You hear/see them before we do sometimes and always point them out!  When we talk to you about how we're going to ride on an airplane to go back to Africa and you get excited and tell us to put our shoes on, it's cute.  But it breaks my heart a little when I tell you we aren't leaving yet and you get upset and cry a little.  But don't worry little man, there will be many airplane rides in your future, I promise!
My favorite thing right now is watching you worship.  Every morning you ask me to put on music and you make rounds between dancing around with teddy and clapping along with the music, to your drums, and then your guitar.  And when you lift your hand up and say "praise Jesus" my heart overflows, little bear.  I love the heart you have for worship and the understanding you have about praising our Creator.  I tear up every time you do it because it's just so sweet.  The way you go running into the sanctuary at church after we get you out of kids' church to worship with the next service is super adorable.  It's amazing to me- watching you take it all in, looking at all the instruments and lights. And I wish it could go on forever because I know you would stay there that long because of how much you just love worship.
So, I confess, I haven't captured many images of you through my lens this month, but my heart is overflowing with all the amazing things you've learned and expressed the past twenty-something days.  I love you little bear, and I love watching you grow, learn and change every day!