January 03, 2013


I feel slightly askew lately.  Crooked.  Off-kilter.  Can't focus on one thing for too long.  Maybe it's this cold I'm trying to kick, maybe it's me having too many pots on the stove - or whatever that saying is -  So this post is to catch you up, cause it's been too long since I've blogged on here.  But it won't be pretty, or well-versed.  Good luck keeping up.

We're going to Africa.  Like in less than three months.  That's the first thing on the list cause it's the first thing on my mind these days.  Researching airline tickets, looking at dates, looking at prices, looking at more dates, relaying back and forth with the family we'll be in contact with while we're there, looking at baggage fees.  Trying not to think about baggage.  Because then I'll freak out.  Because packing for Africa with a toddler is no joke.

Christmas was great.  Amazing even.  My mom and gramma both came for Christmas - the first time I'd seen gramma in years, and the first time she got to meet O.

It was sweet watching him meet her at the airport.  He was shy, but it was like he knew - deep down inside that she was 'one of us'.  It also helps that she looks exactly like my mom, but older.  I think that may have confused him a little - that it was 'great' gramma, not gramma that we went and saw in Phoenix.  But then a couple days later the other gramma came.  And when he saw her come down the escalator he did a little happy dance and ran to her and it was the cutest thing ever.  I don't know who was more excited out of the pair of them :)

The next several days were filled with fun, love and lots of snot.  Seriously.  O caught his first-ever flu and was hitting the tail-end of it when the grammas came.  We wiped his nose every 30 seconds it felt like.
That didn't stop us from having fun though!  We went to Village Park and rode the train through the lights, we went to Birkdale and walked around, and we celebrated with the rest of our family at Freedom House, both on Sunday and Monday.  Then we had a PJ day on Christmas enjoying the entertainment that comes when a toddler enjoys Christmas, and munching on some yummy ham sent by Great Grandpa.
Four Generations!

I saw sadness in O for the first time this month - when he had to say goodbye to his grammas.  It was heartbreaking to see him put the pieces together that they were getting on the airplane and not coming back home with us.  He really understood it and he had this pitiful sad look on his face the entire way home.

In other news he's growing by leaps and bounds.  He's talking so much more and has really gotten the hang of stringing 2-3 words together at a time.  He loves to recount his day or his favorite activity.  Over and over.  And over.  And over.  Like on the way home from riding the train at the park this is the conversation that we had:
O: Mama?
Me: Yeah?
O: Train?
Me: Yeah.
O: Ride in it?
Me: Yeah, we rode in the train.
O: Lights?
Me: Yea, we saw the lights.
O: In the train
Me: Yeah, we saw the lights in the train.

Repeat, 536 times.
I kid you not.

Then the other day:
O: Mama?
Me: Yeah?
O: Wassat?
Me: A box.
O: It's empty? (an empty kleenex box sitting on the counter)
Me: Yup.
O: I help?
Me: You wanna help? Help what? Recycle it?
O: (very excited) Yea! I help cy-cy it!!

And yesterday:
O: Mama?
Me: Yea?
O: Eat?
Me: You can't eat that honey, I have to cook it (noting the steak on the stove).
O: Eat? More?
Me: You want more snack?
O: Yeah! More sins.
Me: You need more raisins? Did you eat all the ones I gave you?
O: Yea.
O: (Coming to me with the empty raisin box) Mama? Cy-cy?
Me: You wanna recycle that?
O: Yeah!

:::Sigh:::: that kid.  Love him so.  He's growing up so fast.

Also we got hit by a car on the highway.  That was fun.  Cruising down 85 on the way home from seeing the lights - full car, going 65, and this old man in the lane next to me decides he wants my space instead and rams the side of us, not once, but twice trying to get into my lane.  The kicker?  I wasn't even in his blind spot.  I was slightly in front of him, but mostly RIGHT next to him.  Thank heavens no one was hurt, minus the car.  Driver's door got some paint on it, passenger door dented pretty bad with paint transfer, and rear quarter panel dented and paint transfer.  Going today to get it appraised by his insurance people, then to my dealership to get their appraisal and see about getting it fixed and getting a rental in the meantime.  Sheesh.  And the lawyers!  OH. My. Gosh.  If you are a lawyer - I'm sorry, but you people are NUTS wasting all this money and trees!  I kid you not, we got no less than THREE pounds of crap from lawyers.  Some even sent books - literally books in a big legal envelope!  But not just to me.  And not just to Bill.  But for Owen too.  Everything we got, we got in TRIPLICATE.  My mailbox was so JAMMED full of lawyer crap I literally could not get it out.  I stacked it all on the table and it was almost 8 inches high.  Stupid.  Waste of trees.  Waste of money/stamps.  No one was even hurt in the accident - do they not read the police report before sending these things out!  Sheesh!! Okay, end of rant.

In other news, I managed to be the only one in the house that avoided the flu - thank you Jesus.  However, the last three days I have had the most horrible, nasty, knock-you-down-cold I have ever had.  It's been crazy.  I think moms (especially with kids at home) should be exempt from getting sick.  Seriously.
I'm pretty sure that's what is causing all this absent-mindedness.  Last night hubby asked me to bring him the kleenex box.  So I grabbed my drink and (what I thought was) the kleenex box off the table and handed it to him.  Except what I handed him was the plate I had eaten my banana bread off of (which was now empty).  So instead I said, "oops, that's not the kleenex, here" and handed him my drink, which was in my other hand.  Then said, "wait a minute, oh."  And returned to the table to try again.  It's pretty ridiculous.

On that note, I think I'll sign off.  Who knows what I might write with this crazy cold-infused head.
Until next time, or until I'm a little more 'normal'....  ta-ta.