January 29, 2013

Riding in Cars with Boys

My new job puts O and I driving around a lot together in the mornings, which leads to lots of fun and interesting conversations.  Mostly it's about the water.  Both of my routes take us over lakes and he loves looking out at the boats and the water.  But today's conversation was a little different - and it was my favorite. I promise I didn't make any of this up!  

O: Momma? 
Me: Yea?
O: a-pan.
Me: What?
Me: (thinking really hard at what he could possibly mean as we are whizzing down the highway...)
Me: Oh! Airplane!  Did you see an airplane?  
O: No.
Me: (defeated) Oh.
O: Airpane.  Ride?
Me: Oh! You want to ride an airplane?
O: Yea!!
Me: Oh okay.  Yeah, we'll ride on an airplane in a few more weeks. 
O: Papa ride?
Me: Yup, papa will ride the airplane.
O: Momma ride?
Me: Yea, momma will ride.
O: Owenbear ride?
Me: Yep, Owenbear will ride the airplane.  We're gonna ride it to Africa.  Wanna go to Africa again?
O: YEAAA!!!!    Momma?
Me: Yeah?
O: Apane? Ride?
Me: Yep.  We're gonna ride on an airplane.
O: Ah-kah?
Me: Africa?
O: Yea!
Me: Yes! We're going to ride on the airplane to Africa.  Good job buddy!
O: Yea!  Papa ride.  Momma ride.  Owenbear ride?
Me: Yep, papa, momma and Owenbear will all ride the airplane. 
O: in Ah-kah?
Me: Yes, in Africa.
(pause as he looks out the window)
O: Wa-wa? 
Me: Water? 
O: Yea.  Dive. Wa-wa?
Me: Oh, you want to drive over the water?  Yea, we'll drive over some water in a little bit.
(O inserts his paci, snuggles his teddy and looks contently out the window, no doubt waiting for the water)

It's moments like these that make me oh-so-thankful that I serve a God that cares about even the little things - like getting me a job that I could bring Owen with me to so we could have these little conversations. It might just be a small thing - but the small things add up in the heart of a momma. :)